Principal Petitioner Shirley Raven, Yeronga
Date Closed Tue, 30 May 2017 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 173 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of the Right Honourable Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor of Brisbane:

Due to the significant increase in patronage of the CityCat river transport system (reporting an increase of 88% over the last 6 years) and overwhelming support from visitors to our fair city during the 2017 Brisbane International Tennis (a 90-minute poll produced in excess of 600 signatures in support of a CityCat Terminal in the  Tennyson/Yeronga area); providing for future growth/development, a CityCat Terminal is an essential addition to the area in support of tourism and an alternative mode of transport.

Your petitioners respectfully register their support and call upon the Brisbane City Council to establish a CityCat Terminal in the Tennyson/Yeronga area to be completed no later than July 2018

Council response