Compliance Standards regarding number of Carparks

Principal Petitioner Ailsa Glenis Cowan, Toowong
Date Closed Mon, 08 May 2017 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to the attention of the Right Honourable Lord Mayor and Councillors of the City of Brisbane the fact that the Toowong centre currently constitutes a traffic bottleneck and experiences parking difficulties, particularly on week days. This is partly because it acts as a park'n'ride hub with people parking in the streets before catching the train to the city. Currently employees driving to work and customers wanting hairdressing services or dental treatments etc are experiencing difficulty finding a park. While Toowong Shopping Centre has been used for these short term needs, it will soon institute paid parking systems, making this option more difficult. In addition the current conformation of the road systems adds to the challenges and makes the consequences of even a small increase in cars on the street quite dire. Therefore we believe that Council should have a very high expectation for provision of onsite carpark spaces for any future construction in this area but conformation to the current standards will not ensure this. In particular we believe the impact of the approval of the plans in their current state, would deny the community the right for certainty in provision for its future parking needs and traffic flows in the neighbourhoods. This would not be consistent with the principles stated in the Toowong Auchenflower Neighbourhood Plan: 2.2 “Development …. does not overburden local transport, infrastructure, public space or community facilities", and for the plans to simply conform to the current standards will not do this.

Petitioners therefore request that the current compliance standards determined by the BCC with regard to levels of onsite parking for both student accommodation and high-rise buildings be dramatically increased to allow for a range of contingencies often unique to particular local areas. We request this as a matter of urgency before any approvals might be determined for plans currently submitted. These plans include A004513330 - 25 Archer Street, A004517712 - 611 Coronation Drive, and A004501512 - 23 High Street.