Park Naming - Corner of Lawson Street and Oxley Road, Oxley

Principal Petitioner Maurice Murphy, Oxley
Closing Date Mon, 01 May 2017
No. of signatures 671 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of Brisbane City Council, their request to name the park on the corner of Lawson Street and Oxley Road, Oxley, in honour of singer/song writer, Ed Kuepper, for the following reasons:

  • Ed Kuepper grew up on Lawson Street in the 60s and 70's and co-founded the history making Australian punk band, The Saints, with two other local musicians.
  • Ed later formed the band, The Laughing Clowns.
  • Ed has been a successful solo artist since the mid-80s and has been an important and influential member of the Australian music scene for over 40 years.

Petitioners therefore ask that the above-mentioned park be named Ed Kuepper Park.

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