Traffic Lights on the Corner of Richmond and Molly Roads

Principal Petitioner Andrew Reardon, Morningside
Date Closed Sat, 16 Sep 2017 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 56 signatures

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Due to all the development in the Morningside/Cannon Hill area, it has become evident that a huge safety issue crossing Richmond Road has arisen, especially on the corner of Molloy and Richmond Roads. This petition is for traffic lights to be installed so that school children, pedestrians and motorists can cross through this intersection safely without incident or accident. The pedestrian crossing is the main feeder for children crossing to attend the state school and private primary school on Molloy Road across Richmond Road. Residents in neighbouring streets currently make their way to Blackwood Ave and other parallel streets, to avoid the intersection as it is not safe and too difficult to cross. This causes a flow-on problem of more traffic into these neighbouring streets and more safety issues, as congestion builds throughout the neighbourhood.

Petitioners therefore request that traffic lights be installed at the corner of Molly and Richmond Roads, to better the traffic conditions and safety to cross the intersection and throughout neighbouring streets.