Traffic Lights - Harcourt Road, Darra

Principal Petitioner Nathaniel Hutton, Darra
Date Closed Wed, 17 May 2017 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw the attention of the Lord Mayor to the development of the old Boral Bricks site on Harcourt Road, Darra. As part of this development, a new set of traffic lights will be installed at the intersection of Harcourt Road and Railway Parade, which will also form the new entrance to the estate. Once constructed, the traffic plan that has been approved will significantly increase traffic congestion in and around this section of Darra. The current plan will also prohibit the right hand turn into Railway Pde from Harcourt Rd, which will force a large number of motorists into the residential streets of Darra.

Your petitioners therefore request for Brisbane City Council to make the following changes to the traffic lights at the intersection of Harcourt Road and Railway Parade, Darra, immediately after construction of this project has been completed:

- Reinstate the right hand turn from Harcourt Road into Railway Parade

- Prohibit the right hand turn into Harcourt Road from the new estate

- Prohibit the right hand turn into the new estate from Harcourt Rd.

Council response

Thank you for your petition requesting Council make changes to proposed works at the intersection of Harcourt Road, Railway Parade and a new road to the former Boral Brickworks site at 2637 Ipswich Road, Darra.

Council acknowledges your request to vary vehicle movements from the proposed signalised intersection and notes your concern where right-hand turns into Railway Parade fo Harcourt Road will force vehicles into residential streets in the Darra area.

Council understands that development within the Brickworks precinct of the Darra–Oxley district neighbourhood plan requires the provision of a local road network connection between Harcourt Road and Dowding Street, including active transport network improvements that include pedestrian and bicycle connections.

To provide for the local road network connection to Harcourt Road, a Reconfiguration of lot (one into one lot plus new road) development application was approved by Council on 1 September 2016 (application reference A003908598). A condition (condition 18) of this approval required signalisation of the Harcourt Road, Railway Parade and the new road intersection.

Approval for the signalised intersection was granted following a detailed assessment of the traffic impact assessment report. A detailed design meeting with the applicant's traffic engineers, including Council's traffic engineering and road design specialists, demonstrated that the intersection was safe and there was no overall worsening of the road network.

Matters considered prior to the approval of the signalised intersection included detailed traffic analysis, impacts from diverted vehicle trips in the local street network, safe all turn movements, controlled pedestrian and cyclist crossings, appropriate sightlines from the adjoining rail bridge and retention of the existing bus route along Harcourt Road and Railway Parade.

The developer subsequently lodged two appeals in the Planning and Environment Court (court references 3683/16 and 3684/16) on 13 September 2016, seeking to have the intersection works treated as trunk infrastructure and a monetary offset, for the works acknowledged in the infrastructure charges applicable for the development. Since this time, Council has been involved in a lengthy court process. Council will continue to defend its decision through the Planning and Environment Court process, and in accordance with the direction of the court. As this matter is still under appeal, Council is unable to make comment that may pre-empt the outcome of the court process.

Council's Development Services, City Planning and Sustainability, recommends the changes requested be referred to Council's Transport Planning and Strategy, Brisbane Infrastructure, for review after six months of operation to ascertain if changes are required.

Details of the development application, including the traffic assessment report, can be viewed online by visiting Council's website at and searching A003908598.

Thank you for raising this matter.