Stones Corner Road Safety

Principal Petitioner Laura Klein, Woolloongabba
Date Closed Wed, 17 May 2017 This epetition has ended
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The safety of pedestrians and cyclists around the Cleveland Street and Logan Road zone at Stones Corner has been a long-standing issue for more than 15 years. In October 2014, the Stones Corner Road Safety Group was formed by parents at Buranda State School, who actively travel as pedestrians and cyclists every morning and afternoon with their group of 5 young children. After witnessing multiple near misses and constantly dodging speeding traffic who were failing to obey the signalled road signs, it was decided that Council needed to be consulted about urgent upgrades to bike paths and roadways in the area. The first ePetition was completed by this community group in Feb 2015, however more than two years later, the only changes to this road zone is an extra warning sign and countdown timer at the signalled pedestrian lights.

There have been extensive consultations with local member Cr Ian McKenzie and many other divisions of Council since 2014, and potential safety improvements have been investigated by Council, but have always been declined on the basis of cost, flooding implications, and existing infrastructure upgrades. With the construction of hundreds of new apartments, and the increase in pedestrian and cycle traffic each day, the crossing zones at Cleveland Street (near Lady Marmalade Cafe) and the pedestrian crossing at Logan Road have become increasingly dangerous. This new ePetition has been created to ensure that Council plans, funds and constructs appropriate upgrades to the roadway and bike track, to ensure the daily safe passage of Buranda State School and Narbethong Special School families, general commuters, shoppers, pedestrians and cyclists in the near future. Please show your support for these important safety upgrades in Stones Corner and sign this petition. More information and updates are available at

We understand many smaller budget options have been investigated and rejected by Council. So there are only two options left for this area. This ePetition formally asks Council to design, fund and construct the last remaining options for upgrades to this area.

FOR IMMEDIATE ACTION: Move the current signaled pedestrian-only crossing at Logan Road (between Lady Marmalade Cafe and Stones Corner Library) 20 metres west to make a 4-way signalled intersection, incorporating Cleveland Street and Gladys Street. This should have both bike and pedestrian partitions at the crossing. As well as making it safer to cross these roads, this upgrade has the added benefit of improved access in and out of the Stones Corner busway car park. This in turn would:

- improve visitation to the Stones Corner Precinct businesses

- reduce vehicle traffic currently exiting the car park through the narrow residential streets at the eastern end of Gladys Street and Laura Street

IN THE LONGER TERM: Construction of an underpass under the Logan Road bridge, approaching the O’Keefe Street roundabout, should be included in the plans for the realignment of Norman Creek and upgrade to Hanlon Park (flagged in the 2017-18 Council budget). This would provide a fluid continuation of the already heavily utilised bike pathway system linking it seamlessly to the eastern corridor. This would benefit the present and future:

- families attending Buranda State School, Narbethong Special School, Stones Corner Kindergarten, and childcare centres

- shoppers accessing Stones Corner

- cyclists, commuters, and pedestrians

- people who use the paths for exercise and recreation, and local school groups (including vision impaired students from Narbethong Special School) who would use the path to reach Hanlon Park for outings, if it were not so dangerous to do so.

Council response

Thank you for your petition requesting Council to improve pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure at Stones Corner, Greenslopes.

Your petition has been investigated and was considered by Council at its meeting held on 15 August 2017. It was decided that the petitioners be advised of the information below.

Prior to this petition, in November 2015, Council assessed the existing signalised pedestrian crossing on Logan Road and identified safety enhancements that could be made. These enhancements, which were installed in early 2016, included installing custom warning signs for pedestrians crossing to remind them to cross with care and to warn them to ensure traffic has stopped before crossing, and replacing the 200 mm LED traffic signals with larger 300 mm LED traffic signals to make the pedestrian crossing more prominent to motorists.

In November 2015, Council also assessed the green walk and flashing red clearance times to ensure these were set according to standard. The ‘all red’ time setting, which is the vehicle red signal prior to the pedestrian green walk signal, is also set appropriately. In March 2017, Council installed pedestrian count down timers at this signalised pedestrian crossing to further enhance its safety.

Council has allocated $641,000 in the 2017-18 budget to investigate options for the potential upgrade of the intersection of Logan Road and O’Keefe Street, which will include an assessment into the viability of installing an underpass for pedestrians and cyclists at the Logan Road bridge. Council will also include the modelling and design study for the intersection of Logan Road, Cleveland and Gladys Streets, as part of this investigation. Any option to upgrade the intersection of Logan Road and O’Keefe Street is likely to result in Cleveland Street becoming a left in left out intersection. Once these investigations have been completed, the potential intersection upgrades of Logan Road and O’Keefe Street and Logan Road, Cleveland and Gladys Streets, including the viability of constructing an underpass, will be considered in future budgets, subject to an assessment of its priority, relative to other similar projects across the city.

Program 3 – Clean, Green, Sustainable City also has funding allocated as part of the Norman Creek 2012-2031 Master Plan to undertake works in Hanlon Park which adjoins Logan Road. The master plan outlines the desire for a pedestrian connection under the Logan Road bridge. The community will be consulted on both of these projects prior to any work being undertaken.