Ivory Street, Fortitude Valley

Principal Petitioner Belinda Ward, Morningside
Date Closed Sun, 30 Apr 2017 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 75 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of Council that the $1,011,000 allocated in the 2016-17 budget for modifications to the intersection of Ivory St and Boundary St, Fortitude Valley, will involve removing the footpath along the northern side of Boundary St. Removing this footpath will mean that people walking towards the CBD from the Story Bridge and Fortitude Valley will have further to walk, will have to cross Boundary St where there is no centre island, and will have to contend with vehicles exiting the River Place Apartments. The stated aim of the project is to provide right-turn movement from Boundary St into Ivory St to provide improved access and safety for motorists travelling from Howard Smith Wharves Precinct to the Story Bridge and Fortitude Valley. This plan to improve access for motorists will be to the detriment of people walking.

Your petitioners therefore request that Council does not proceed with the plan to remove the footpath along the northern side of Boundary St, Fortitude Valley, as part of the works to reconfigure the intersection of Ivory St and Boundary St. We ask that Council take into the consideration the safety and convenience of all road users, and take measures to encourage people to travel by active transport in preference to driving. We therefore request that Council close the down-bound lane of Ivory St to motor vehicle traffic, and repurpose this space so that cyclists and pedestrians have a connection between Boundary St and the Story Bridge’s western walkway which doesn’t involve stairs or the extreme gradient of Ivory Lane. We note that it is only a minor detour for motor vehicle traffic to access Boundary St via Ann St rather than via Ivory St, and that Ivory St is intended to provide local access only, but currently functions as a rat-run to Adelaide St and Queen St.

Council response

Thank you for your petitions requesting Council to not proceed with the plan to remove the footpath along the northern side of Boundary Street and consider banning vehicle access on the inbound lane of Ivory Street, to provide dedicated cycle and pedestrian access to and from the Story Bridge, as part of the Ivory Street and Boundary Street intersection upgrade project at Fortitude Valley.

Council is upgrading the intersection at Ivory Street and Boundary Street to improve access through the intersection, which will assist in addressing safety and congestion issues through the area. Safe pedestrian and cycle access will be enhanced with the installation of new kerb ramps on Boundary Street, with connection to the existing footpaths providing a safer and more accessible route.

The new crossing point on Boundary Street will enhance safety by directing pedestrian movements away from the intersection while providing clear sight lines for vehicles travelling along Boundary Street. The existing section of footpath on the northern side of Boundary Street, between the new crossing point and the intersection, will be removed and turfed to deter pedestrians from walking through the intersection.

During preliminary investigations for the project, Council investigated a range of alternative options to achieve the desired outcome of improving egress from Boundary Street. Closing one lane of Ivory Street to provide dedicated cycle and pedestrian facilities, as suggested in the petitions, is not considered feasible as Ivory Street is classified as an arterial road within Brisbane City Plan 2014.

Arterial roads serve an essential road function in the traffic network, providing important intra-city connections between principal and major regional activity centres, suburbs, major destinations and areas outside of Brisbane. As an arterial road, Ivory Street (from the Story Bridge) carries a significant volume of traffic of approximately 5,000 vehicles per day.

The closure of Ivory Street (from Story Bridge) would have a significant adverse impact to the operation of the road network. The subsequent re-distribution of traffic across the inner city would result in significant congestion and major delays for road users throughout the city.

Ivory Street is regarded as a local cycle route, with a purpose of linking primary and secondary routes, and installing two-way on-road bike lanes on a local route is not in accordance with Council’s Brisbane City Plan 2014. The primary cycle route is via the New Farm Riverwalk and the City Boardwalk with Ivory Lane being a secondary route. For these reasons, the installation of dedicated cycle and pedestrian facilities on Ivory Street is not supported by Council.

The current design was determined to be the most feasible option to enhance connectivity for all road users and improve the overall efficiency of the local road network by implementing a right turning lane from Boundary Street into Ivory Street. Council has continued with the upgrade to the intersection at Ivory Street and Boundary Street, Fortitude Valley, as per the design that was provided to the community.