Intersection of Belmont, Wynnum, and Manly Roads at Tingalpa

Principal Petitioner Belinda Ward, Morningside
Date Closed Sun, 21 May 2017 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 17 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of the Lord Mayor the poor facilities for people travelling on foot or by bicycle through the intersection of Belmont Road, Wynnum Road, and Manly Road at Tingalpa. There is no continuous footpath along Wynnum Road on the south-western corner of this intersection, which renders it impassable for people travelling with a pram or in a wheelchair or mobility scooter. There are also two high-speed left-turn slip lanes at the intersection, which are difficult for pedestrians to cross safely, as most drivers do not understand the requirement for them to give way. Given the proximity of the intersection to Tingalpa State School, this denies many families a safe route to school. Wynnum, Manly and Belmont Roads are each identified as principal cycle routes in the SEQ Principal Cycle Network, and both Wynnum Road and Manly Road are identified as part of Council’s CBD to Wynnum Manly commuter bikeway corridor. Despite this, there is no safe connection between the shared path along Wynnum Road to the north-east, and Wynnum Road to the west of Belmont Road.

Your petitioners therefore request Council consider the needs of all road users in any modifications to the intersection of Belmont, Wynnum and Manly Roads. Upgrading this intersection to encourage people to walk or travel by bicycle can help address congestion issues, as well as improve conditions for local residents and businesses.

We request that Council:

• Provide a continuous, level footpath along Wynnum Road between the Tingalpa Hotel and Belmont Road;

• Provide a safe crossing for pedestrians, with priority over vehicles turning left from Belmont Road into Wynnum Road;

• Improve the ramps and access to the pedestrian signal buttons at the south-east and north-east corners of the intersection;

• Widen the footpath along the northern side of Wynnum Road and Manly Road; and

• Provide a pedestrian crossing on the left slip lane as Wynnum Road turns north.