Principal Petitioner Amanda Lowe, Woolloongabba
Date Closed Sun, 04 Jun 2017 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 80 signatures

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We are petitioning on behalf of our community to seek your support to stop the sale of 29 Bourne Street, Woolloongabba, by the Brisbane City Council. We are also writing to request the Lord Mayor to take action regarding the lack of public accessible green spaces and parks in our suburb, Woolloongabba.

The face of Woolloongabba is rapidly changing and we fear it is not for the better. Woolloongabba is an old family area with many households and properties in our surrounding streets being held by the same families for generations. These families do not support the sale of this once promised green space and wish to have it stopped and made into a park as previously promised. A quick search of the suburb shows that the recommended amount of green space as set by Council is not being abided by in Woolloongabba and West End.

In our small street alone, there are a number of families with children who have no parks to play in, within reasonable walking distance. 29 Bourne Street, Woolloongabba, is a land locked property. This was a result of an expansion of the bike path many years ago. The sale of this property has resulted in a pre-approved permit granted to the successful buyer to install a driveway. This driveway impedes on the current pedestrian access to the bike path and walkway and we are concerned for the safety of all who will use it. We ask, was there a feasibility study conducted to sell off this land? If so, why weren't the much larger patches of land opposite this space (that is not land locked) considered? This would be a much more sensible option for Brisbane City Council to sell and would not impact as many residents.

We hope that the local residents and all readers sign this petition in support of making this space a public park, as previously promised.

Please sign and share with your friends and family.