Safety upgrade for the intersection of Rickertt Road and Chelsea Road, Ransome

Principal Petitioner Cr Adrian Schrinner, Carindale
Date Closed Tue, 20 Jun 2017 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 163 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of Council the importance of improving and prioritising safety at the intersection of Rickertt Road and Chelsea Road, Ransome. This unsignalised intersection carries significant volumes of through-traffic between Brisbane and Redlands and - particularly during peak times - it can be extremely difficult for motorists using Chelsea Road to find a safe gap in the traffic on Rickertt Road. As a result, this intersection has been the location of numerous accidents and near-misses.

Petitioners therefore request Council to urgently investigate suitable options for safety improvements to this intersection - such as the installation of traffic signals or a roundabout - so that necessary budget funding for an upgrade can be sourced as soon as possible.

Council response

Thank you for your petition requesting that Council signalise the intersection of Chelsea and Rickertt Roads, Ransome.

Council has long-term plans to upgrade and widen Rickertt Road, including its intersection with Chelsea Road. Consideration for the funding and delivery of infrastructure projects are subject to an assessment of their priority, relative to other similar citywide projects. At this stage, there is no confirmed funding or timeframe.

As Council considered that safety could be improved with these proposed upgrades, an application was submitted for funding under the Federal Government’s Black Spot Programme in August 2015. Options investigated included pavement widening, right-turn pockets, and raised medians to improve safety and access from Chelsea Road. Unfortunately, Council’s application was unsuccessful.

In recognition of the importance of the role that Rickertt Road plays in connecting district centres, Council has committed more than $2 million for corridor upgrades in the area. This includes an upgrade to the intersection of Rickertt Road and Green Camp Road, Wakerley, and the completed resurfacing works between Chelsea Road and Lota Creek, Ransome. The intersection of Rickertt and Green Camp Roads has already had some improvements to the traffic signal timing and consideration for the design of a long-term solution for this intersection is ongoing. Council and the Australian Government have also allocated more than $28 million over three years to upgrade Green Camp Road, including the Tilley Road intersection, with works scheduled to commence in mid-2018.

An upgrade to the intersection of Rickertt and Chelsea Roads is not proposed at this time. However, as mentioned above, funding consideration for the upgrade will be subject to a review of its priority, relative to other similar citywide projects.