Objection to the Development Application for 31 Ferry Street, Kangaroo Point (A004595391)

Principal Petitioner Marci Webster-mannison, Paddington
Closing Date Thu, 01 Jun 2017
No. of signatures 26 signatures

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Development Application A004595391 for 31 Ferry Street, Kangaroo Point, fails to satisfy a number of fundamental requirements of the Kangaroo Point Peninsula neighbourhood plan and the Brisbane City Plan 2014. The proposed development is in serious violation of Council requirements and puts at risk the overall development viability of the neighbourhood plan in terms of infrastructure provision, flood management and water quality, as well as community expectations for well-designed, location-responsive, high-density residential neighbourhoods.

• the building size of 14,795 m2 is almost four times the maximum GFA permitted within the high density zone

• site cover of over 71% compared to the maximum of 40%

• the proposed 21-storey building height is six storeys higher than permitted

• the resultant building bulk prohibits compliance with Council codes and guidelines such as Multiple Dwelling Code and Buildings that Breathe; e.g. required communal open space landscape area, water conservation services, and deep tree planting and landscaping, north aspect for dwelling, cross ventilation, daylight, etc.

• facing the units due east and west, rather than the north to north-east orientation required by the Multiple Dwelling Code will directly increase electricity running costs and significantly reduce the quality of the units’ living areas

• deep tree planting areas are not achieved, and the inclusion of public land in the calculations is deceptive

• the proposed non-compliant 7.8-metre long wall along the eastern boundary is totally unfair to the neighbours

• flood immunity in accordance with the Flood Overlay Code is not achieved, requiring major redesign

• non-compliance with the Stormwater Code will exacerbate flooding and threaten water quality

• residents are deprived of functional private open space as balconies do not meet the minimum area

• we need to understand the implications of the site’s status as Contaminated Land. Given the extent of non-compliance and the submission’s lack of an appropriate level of information, only some of the key issues have been identified in this petition.

Your petitioners therefore request that this application be refused.

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