Greenore Street, Bracken Ridge, no stopping signs

Principal Petitioner Lachezar Ivanov, Bracken Ridge
Date Closed Wed, 23 Aug 2017 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 45 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of Council, that for the last three weeks there are two school hours no stopping signs on Greenore Street, Bracken Ridge, from numbers 32 to 36.

This causes a greater hazard for all the kids and parents, creating a lot more traffic and less parking spots in pick-up and drop-off school hours, and causes more people to drive around, looking for parking.

Your petitioners therefore request that Council takes these signs down.

Council response

Thank you for your petition concerning the ‘No Stopping’ zone on Greenore Street, Bracken Ridge.

Council installed ‘No Stopping’ restrictions between 34 and 39 Greenore Street in February 2017, covering three driveways and 17 metres of kerbside space. The ‘No Stopping’ restrictions apply from 7am to 9am and 2pm to 4pm on school days, resulting in the loss of approximately three on-street parking spaces during these times.

These ‘No Stopping’ restrictions were initially installed on a trial basis as a means of addressing residents’ concerns about motorists illegally parking across driveways.

In June 2014, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk established the independent Brisbane Parking Taskforce (the Taskforce) to advise Council how to respond to parking issues and to best manage on-street parking in the future. The Taskforce included representatives from RACQ, P&Cs Queensland, National Retail Association, Multicap, Taxi Council Queensland, Transport Workers Union, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland, Parking Australia and Council’s Transport for Brisbane, who reviewed more than 1,100 submissions from residents, schools and businesses.

In response to many school traffic and parking-related issues contained in submissions, the Taskforce recommended that all Brisbane schools develop and implement their own traffic and parking management plans using a template prepared by Council. Using Council’s School Traffic Management Plan (TMP) template offers the benefit of establishing a more consistent approach to parking and traffic management across Brisbane schools, while allowing flexibility for schools to address specific local challenges.

Council’s TMP template has been provided to more than 120 schools across Brisbane, including Norris Road State School. As part of the TMP process, Norris Road State School will be required to identify safe areas for parents and carers where they can drop off and pick up students, and investigate and implement strategies that aim to ease school-related traffic and parking congestion.

Experience has found that schools can often tackle school-related traffic and parking congestion by improving the management of existing loading zones. Therefore, it is anticipated that a key component of Norris Road State School’s TMP will be developing strategies to improve the management of the school’s 21-car capacity loading zone on Pritchard Place. Improved management of this loading zone should help to reduce the need for parents and carers to drop off and pick up students from Greenore Street, helping to minimise the impact the school’s traffic and parking has on the neighbouring residents.

As part of this process, Council will be assisting the school to review the loading zones, parking areas, and public and active transport options at and near the school. Council will be continuing to work with the school to complete its TMP which will identify opportunities to improve parking arrangements in the local area. As a result, Council is satisfied that the existing ‘No Stopping’ restrictions on Greenore Street, Bracken Ridge, are appropriate at this time.