Wondall Gardens estate turn-in, Tingalpa

Principal Petitioner Anne-marie Mccarthy, Tingalpa
Date Closed Wed, 19 Jul 2017 This epetition has ended
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The entrance to Wondall Gardens estate on Wondall Road is dangerous and creates risky driving practices because of its poor design. The complex houses 77 units, most with at least two cars. With over 140 cars per day turning into and out of the the estate, any traffic coming from Manly/Wynnum up Wondall Road has to complete an illegal U-turn at the traffic lights, drive up the wrong side of the road to access the entrance or complete a U-turn approximately one kilometre away on Manly Road near the Gateway Lifestyle complex. Leaving the estate means travelling up Wondall Road in one direction only, away from Manly Road, completing a U-turn in a dangerous area across double white lines or travelling in excess of three kilometres to access Manly Road.

Your petitioners therefore request that the traffic island in the centre of the road be shortened to allow for a right turn towards Manly Road from Wondall Gardens estate and allow a right turn from Wondall Road into the estate.