Wondall Gardens estate turn-in, Tingalpa

Principal Petitioner Anne-marie Mccarthy, Tingalpa
Date Closed Wed, 19 Jul 2017 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 8 signatures

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The entrance to Wondall Gardens estate on Wondall Road is dangerous and creates risky driving practices because of its poor design. The complex houses 77 units, most with at least two cars. With over 140 cars per day turning into and out of the the estate, any traffic coming from Manly/Wynnum up Wondall Road has to complete an illegal U-turn at the traffic lights, drive up the wrong side of the road to access the entrance or complete a U-turn approximately one kilometre away on Manly Road near the Gateway Lifestyle complex. Leaving the estate means travelling up Wondall Road in one direction only, away from Manly Road, completing a U-turn in a dangerous area across double white lines or travelling in excess of three kilometres to access Manly Road.

Your petitioners therefore request that the traffic island in the centre of the road be shortened to allow for a right turn towards Manly Road from Wondall Gardens estate and allow a right turn from Wondall Road into the estate.

Council response

Thank you for your petition requesting Council remove part of the traffic island outside the Wondall Gardens Estate at 583 Wondall Road, Tingalpa.

Your petition has been investigated and it was considered by Council at its meeting held on 5 September 2017. It was decided that the petitioners be advised of the information below.

In response to this petition, Council has assessed the petitioners’ request to remove part of the traffic island outside the estate. During the investigation, a search of records relating to the original subdivision of 583 Wondall Road indicates that a decision by Council’s delegate on 11 April 2000 conditioned the developer to construct a 1.5-metre-wide concrete median on Wondall Road for the full length of the site to prevent right turns into and from the site.

Council’s assessment has identified that if the median was modified to allow right turns at this location, there would be a negative impact on traffic movements and safety on Wondall Road. Allowing vehicles to turn right from the estate would have a detrimental effect on the function of this intersection which is just over 100 metres from the entrance to the estate. There would be subsequent safety issues for vehicles making this right turn from the estate in one motion. These vehicles would need to negotiate two lanes of traffic heading north and would also conflict with those vehicles waiting to turn onto Manly Road, and therefore safe operation could only be provided through the inclusion of a staging area.

As a result of this investigation, Council does not intend to modify the existing median island outside 583 Wondall Road at this time.

Council’s assessment has also identified that rear access to the estate from Whalleys Street was also conditioned as part of the approved development. A site inspection undertaken on 18 August 2017 showed there is a sliding gate that residents should be able to freely use to access this street which leads to an alternative access to Bognor Street. If there are issues with using this gate, then this matter should be raised with the body corporate of Wondall Gardens Estate.

The intersection of Wondall Road and Bognor Street includes provisions for right turns into and out of Bognor Street. Access to Wondall Gardens Estate can be achieved through this intersection via Bognor Street through to Cassim Way, MacLeay Crescent, Maroom Street and Whalleys Street, which is less than one kilometre. An alternate route could be from Wondall Road via Kianawah Road South/Hargreaves Road to access Manly Road, allowing a right turn onto Wondall Road. The same route via Bognor Street can be used when leaving the estate for access to Wynnum Road or Wondall Road to travel towards Manly Road. 

The illegal driving manoeuvres which have been observed are best addressed by the Queensland Police Service via Policelink on 131 444. This is more likely to occur if residents can provide the times and days to assist them with coordinating enforcement activities.

Thank you for raising this matter.