Free staff parking in West End

Principal Petitioner Bianca Wallace, Greenslopes
Closing Date Sat, 30 Sep 2017
No. of signatures 2 signatures

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I am a worker on Boundary Street in West End, and find it ridiculously wrong that as a staff member, I have to look for a carpark and pay a hefty price sometimes to secure a spot. As staff members in the community, i believe it is our right to be able to come to work without the stress of finding a park/paying for parking. What happens if you stay back half an hour like I have had to? Slammed with a $50 parking fine. It's just not right! I'm sure you have all felt the annoyance and pain in affordability of parking and fines. Please sign if you believe we should be entitled to easier/cheaper parking! Thanks for the support :)

We request to have a parking area for staff members near Boundary Street, or if not possible, parking permits for staff members to put on their dashboards in replace of a ticket when coming to work for their shifts.

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