Traffic Signal Timing - Upper Kedron

Principal Petitioner Theon Kimball, Upper Kedron
Date Closed Sun, 20 Aug 2017 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to Council's attention the timing of the traffic signals at the intersections of Upper Kedron, Cemetery and Hogarth Roads, Upper Kedron. These traffic signals were introduced in October 2016 as a primary means to ensure the safety of pedestrians in the vicinity of St Andrew's Catholic School with the anticipated growth of the area.

Due to the road network layout of Upper Kedron, a majority of Upper Kedron residents enter and exit the suburb via Cemetery Road. Unfortunately however, the traffic signal timing design at this intersection appears to have only granted a secondary priority on the amount of green signal time to Cemetery Road and Hogarth Road. This has introduced an incredibly frustrating scenario for vehicles stopped at Cemetery Road and Hogarth Road looking to enter Upper Kedron Road. Vehicles are required to wait for the signal timing to sense their presence when there are regularly no other vehicles within the intersection. There appears to be at least two signal cycles that have been programmed: a regular cycle as well as an off-peak cycle.

The off-peak cycle has instantaneous recognition of vehicles stopped at a red light at any part of the intersection and immediately changes the lights for these present vehicles. However, the regular cycle has vehicles waiting at Cemetery Road sometimes for a period of around one minute. Then, when the green signal is given, it only lasts for around 10 to 20 seconds before turning red and then enforces another wait of 40 or more seconds for any vehicles who did not make it through the intersection. The amount of green light time is disproportionately in favour of through traffic of Upper Kedron Road.

It is requested to amend the traffic signal timing cycles at the whole Upper Kedron, Cemetery and Hogarth Roads intersection. Please look to have the off-peak cycle activated outside school zone times, Monday to Friday, 7am to 4pm. Even if this peak time was extended to 6pm it would be a significant reduction in the amount of red light time experienced by all users of this large intersection. In the regular (peak) cycle, please evenly split the green light time between Upper Kedron Road and Cemetery and Hogarth Roads.