Trial closing Gray Street to traffic turning off Merthyr Road/Macquarie Street

Principal Petitioner Donald Campbell, New Farm
Date Closed Tue, 21 Nov 2017 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to the attention of Brisbane City Council, the excessive volumes of motorised traffic currently using Gray Street, New Farm. Gray Street, New Farm, is listed by Brisbane City Council as a 'neighbourhood street', however it is currently used by most motorised traffic as a rat run. Much of this rat-running motor traffic appears to be accessing Merthyr Village Shopping Centre, and the Merthyr locality within New Farm. It appears that most of this traffic is using Gray Street to avoid lights located on Merthyr Road (the suburb's district road). Due to the very nature of motorised traffic that rat-runs, speeds appear to be excessive and inappropriate for such a short street. This is adversely affecting the safety of all, particularly pedestrians crossing Gray Street at the intersection with Merthyr Road/Macquarie Street, as most people driving fail to adhere to the road rule which requires that motorised traffic must 'give way to pedestrians crossing a road you’re turning into'.

Brisbane City Council has acknowledged that rat-running has been and is currently, an issue with the installation of road markings and signage to remind people that Gray Street is for 'local traffic only'. The most recent works that occurred in 2015, which include the tightening of the street corner at the intersection with Merthyr Road and the installation of a speed control hump, appear to have done little if any, to reduce traffic volume and/or reduce the speed of rat running motorised traffic travelling on Gray Street.

This petition therefore requests that Brisbane City Council trial the closure of Gray Street to motorised traffic turning off Merthyr/Macquarie Street into Gray Street. This could be implemented with minimal cost and time by using 'traffic rated water filled plastic barriers' similar to what is used at road works sites and the installation of temporary signage. This proposal, unlike completely closing the street, avoids the issue of larger vehicles effectively being trapped and requires no permanent capital works. As such, traffic volumes could also be assessed on Sydney and Welsby Streets. These streets are also subjected to the rat-running traffic that flows through Gray Street. This petition calls on council to acknowledge that 'neighbourhood streets' should be for neighbourhood traffic, and to trial closing Gray Street to traffic turning off Merthyr Road/Macquarie Street into Gray Street.

Council response

Thank you for your petition requesting that Council trial the closure of Gray Street to motorised traffic turning off Merthyr Road and Macquarie Street, New Farm.

Your feedback about road safety has been noted. A review of the official Queensland Government crash history has identified that two accidents have occurred at this location in the last six years, neither of which were the result of speeding. These results suggest that speeding is not an issue and that motorists are exercising due care and attention.

A traffic survey undertaken in 2014 showed a 58% reduction in the average two-way average weekday traffic volume from the previous survey in 2011. Furthermore, these results showed that compliance with the speed limit is very good.

Council identified the opportunity to make further improvements to address the community’s concerns and installed the existing traffic calming in 2015, which includes kerb build-outs at the intersection of Merthyr Road and Gray Street, and the installation of a traffic platform on Gray Street.

As a result of this investigation and the access impacts on local residents, Council does not propose to implement a temporary road closure at this time.