Designated public area for the flying of small electric remote control aircraft under four kilograms

Principal Petitioner Steven Gilbert, Morningside
Date Closed Sat, 11 Nov 2017 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw Brisbane City Council's attention to the shortage of public designated areas for the use of remote control aircraft under four kilograms. As Council may be aware, the rising sales of drones and foam electric aircraft has exploded with nearly every home now having some sort of remotely piloted aircraft (RPA). Unfortunately at this stage there is no public designated area in Brisbane to fly these aircraft over 500 grams. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority has a new app ('can i fly there?' app) that states RPAs can be flown in Brisbane parks, but the Brisbane City Council still has a ban on the activity. There is a park at Bacton Road, Chandler, (old dump site) that would be suitable for the flying of remote controlled aircraft.

Your petitioners therefore request a discussion and swift action on the issue, and to supply the public designated area as stated in the Public Land and Council Assets Local Law. Adelaide City Council has successfully implemented designated areas for the public in their city and this should set the precedent for our city.

Council response

The flying of drones and other remotely piloted aircraft in Australia is regulated by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) through Part 101 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998.

CASA regulates the flying of drones and other remotely piloted aircraft when they are in the air. Council regulates the flying of these aircraft when they are being launched from and landed on Council land.

Council’s Public Land and Council Assets Local Law 2014 permits the flying of drones and model aircraft that weigh up to 500 grams and travel less than 15 km/h for recreational purposes from a Council park without Council consent. All other flying of drones and model aircraft is a ‘restricted activity’ and can only be undertaken in designated areas or with Council consent due to the potential for causing nuisance to other park users or damage to vegetation and park infrastructure.

Several parks across Brisbane have been chosen to include designated areas for flying drones and other remotely piloted aircraft. These locations will be monitored as part of a six-month trial and reviewed regularly.

To fly an aircraft in the designated areas the following conditions must be met:
- the flying is for recreational purposes
- the aircraft weighs no more than two kilograms
- the aircraft is electric
- the aircraft has propeller guards (drones only)
- the aircraft is being flown in a manner that does not endanger, interfere with, or cause nuisance to the park, park users or adjoining properties
- the CASA safety rules for flying drones and other remotely piloted aircraft recreationally are being followed.

Designated areas in the following parks will be a part of the trial:
- The Common Park, Cambridge Street, Coorparoo
- Preston Road Park, Kate Street, Carina
- Carindale Recreation Reserve, Bedivere Street, Carindale
- Canterbury Park, Rushworth Street, Bald Hills
- Lacey Road Park, Roghan Road, Carseldine
- Wishart Community Park, Kavanagh Road, Wishart
- Voyager Drive Park, Pioneer Drive, Kuraby
- Cliveden Park, Moorfields Street, Fig Tree Pocket
- Moggill Ferry Reserve, Moggill Road, Moggill
- Keperra Picnic Ground Park, Tramway Street, Ferny Grove.

You can view a designated area map for each of the above parks via Council’s website at by searching ‘flying drones’.