Double gates - Perth Street Park off-leash area

Principal Petitioner Shaun Anderson, Norman Park
Date Closed Tue, 31 Oct 2017 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 35 signatures

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Dog owners using the Perth Street Park off-leash area in Camp Hill are not safely able to enter the off-leash area. At present, there are only single gates, which means when the gate is opened, as is often the case, dogs already in the park want to greet the new arrival but can easily run out. The onus at present is put on the person entering the park to ensure other peoples dogs do not escape and often cannot enter the off-leash area without great difficulty unclipping their own dog whilst managing the other dogs. The addition of double gates will make the off-leash area safer for the dogs, safer for the dog owners, and safer for users of Perth Street Park. This upgrade will also bring the Perth Street Park off-leash area up to par with the other off-leash areas in the local area. Why is it that dog owners in Camp Hill are being disadvantaged?

I request that Council install double gates on the Perth Street Park off-leash area, and improve safety and convenience for all Perth Street Park users

Council response