Days Road and Kedron Brook Road Upgrade

Principal Petitioner Andrew Methorst, Bracken Ridge
Date Closed Fri, 15 Dec 2017 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 66 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of Brisbane City Council (BCC) the shortcomings of the proposed Days Road and Kedron Brook Road intersection “upgrade” plans. We believe that the proposed design is more hostile than the existing intersection for people who choose active travel. Currently Council states that the plans to upgrade this intersection will “reduce congestion, improve traffic efficiency and increase safety for all road users. These works will help cater for existing and future traffic demands along this busy corridor.” The current design appears to be aimed only at attempting to increase the flow of cars traveling right on to Kedron Brook Road in the morning peak, and left onto Days Road in the evening peak. The proposed design will be dangerous for outbound cycle traffic traveling north which needs to access Uxbridge Street (to the right). We believe that the left slip lane will encourage increased motor vehicle speeds to what we see now, and force northbound cyclists (heading to Uxbridge Street) to make this dangerous merge across the high-speed left turn lane. The other option currently displayed for people choosing active transport is to ride on the footpath and wait for two whole phases of traffic lights to cross Days Road. Observational studies elsewhere in Queensland have shown that most cyclists will choose not to use the signalised alternative provided by the Council due to delays so will choose the high-speed merge option. For inbound cyclists, the removal of the right turn out of Uxbridge Street will force cyclists to cross Uxbridge Street and ride on the footpath to the crossing lights. Crossing Uxbridge Street is dangerous due to possible collisions with traffic turning left off Days Road and using the footpath and the lights will incur delays. It's likely that many will choose not to comply and partake in U-turns on Days Road.

Kedron Brook Road is nominated by Council as a principal cycling route and is the most direct path for the many residents of the Grange, Newmarket, Stafford, Gordon Park, as well as other northern suburbs. Currently more cyclists use Kedron Brook Road each day than all the other northern BCC cycling routes combined, so the petitioners request that the BCC give priority to the safety and needs of cyclists using this intersection. We ask that BCC address the following issues in particular.

  • We ask that the northbound slip lane be lengthened and made compliant with Austroads standards.
  • That the speed limit be reduced to 30 km/h to increase merge safety with bicycle and motor traffic.
  • We are happy that the proposed Days Road crossing be included, but we also ask that the right turn out of Uxbridge Street be allowed for cycle traffic as it is now. To facilitate this, we ask that the bike lane be removed on Days Road (which is unlikely to be used), and this road width given to a refuge island in the middle of Days Road to enable the right turn, should bicycle users choose this option.
  • We ask that a physical separator be installed around the bike lane going southbound on Kedron Brook Road. We believe this will act to stop cars running wide into the bike lane that are turning right off Days Road onto Kedron Brook Road.

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