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Park and Playground Upgrade - Gower Street Park, 135 Broseley Road, Toowong

Principal Petitioner Samantha Smith, Toowong
Date Closed Sun, 31 Dec 2017 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 94 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of Brisbane City Council (BCC) the need to upgrade the park, playground equipment and facilities at Gower Street Park, 135 Broseley Road, Toowong. This petition takes the approach that open space planning for childrens' use should be aimed at providing a wide range of safe, fun and stimulating play spaces, meeting the needs of local children and complementing the play opportunities available to them in their everyday lives. Residents feel that playgrounds play an important role in the development of children through the provision of experiences that may not otherwise be available in their everyday life. Obvious benefits include a range of physical development such as improved coordination, balance and spatial awareness. Indirect benefits cover a wide range of social, cognitive and creative qualities that are very important to the development of the 'whole' person. We believe that an upgrade of the playground is needed as the current play equipment and facilities are old and worn and are no longer ‘fit for purpose’. It is also felt by the community that the current play equipment and facilities are not appropriate for the current and projected community members and their needs. Current issues include the following. 

  • Current play equipment no longer ‘fit for purpose’ (e.g. the spring critters and play unit are old, outdated, unsafe and unchallenging).
  • Current facilities no longer ‘fit for purpose’ (degrading seating and benches).
  • Lack of shade coverings over play area and facilities (please note that there are some beautiful big trees, which we would not want removed).
  • Floor covering/play area, soft fall is degrading and bark covering is old and very unclean.
  • Undesirable items such as syringes, liquor bottles and litter have been found in this area as it is currently not maintained and therefore used for undesirable activities. This in turn is polluting the Toowong Creek, directly behind the park, and reducing child safety whilst playing.

Your petitioners therefore request funding be allocated to upgrade the park, playground equipment and facilities at Gower Street Park, 135 Broseley Road, Toowong, for the local community. It is hoped that an upgrade will deliver (using natural products and incorporating the natural environment) a new integrated playground/nature play space concept focusing on the play needs of children aged 0-10 years (medium size combination play unit, double swing set, senior and junior seats, and other play equipment) as well as focusing on the subsequent needs of their parents and caregivers when visiting the park/playground.

The playground has large surrounding trees but it would be fantastic to see some additional shade and newly planted trees and turf closer to the play equipment, as well as new picnic shelters to include wooden seating and wooden bench seating close to equipment. An upgrade of ground covering (to include soft fall and natural products) would be would be highly advantageous, as well as a drinking fountain in close proximity to the playground. An upgrade to the park and playground equipment would not only provide a safer, more accessible, exciting and fun space for children to play, be challenged and explore together but would also provide a place for local parents to meet - something for the community.

Council response

Petition Reference: CA18/4711

Thank you for your petition requesting that Council upgrade the park, playground equipment and facilities at Gower Street Park, 135 Broseley Road, Toowong.

Council has completed an onsite investigation and considered your request.

Council has programmed to clean and paint the picnic and seating facilities, mulch the trees and garden beds, rake bark softfall to remove any debris and top up and replace the old Council ordinance sign with the new standard white sign. This work will be completed by the end of February 2018. The installation of a drinking fountain and replacement of the existing picnic setting and seat has also been programmed for this financial year.

Council has also listed for consideration to have the playground equipment replaced and install a shade structure as part of Council’s future capital works program. Each year in June, all listed projects are prioritised and assessed against the overall need of the city. Approved works have the highest priority in terms of public safety, convenience and the number of people directly benefiting in relation to the cost. It has also been referred to the local Councillor for consideration as part of the future Walter Taylor Ward Footpath and Parks Trust Fund program.