Traffic Calming Request on Cochrane Street

Principal Petitioner Luke Chaczko, Paddington
Closing Date Sun, 24 Dec 2017
No. of signatures 2 signatures

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Residents draw to Council's attention the speed limit, traffic noise and frequency on Cochrane Street, Paddington/Red Hill. Cochrane Street links two busy roads, Latrobe Terrace and Musgrave Road, through a dense residential zone between the main streets. The street has a number of residential properties facing the street and at minimal setbacks from the road itself. This is causing a safety issue with cars and large commercial trucks rat running between Latrobe Terrace and Musgrave Road exceeding the speed limit. The speed limit on residential streets is 50k km/h, however as a resident with a property that is on Cochrane Street, it is rare that cars and large trucks adhere to this speed limit due to the nature of the road itself. Cochrane Street is a slightly hilly street in which vehicles need to accelerate to get over steep portions of the road, note the section travelling from Musgrave Street to Charlotte Street. This section of the road is where vehicles are continually breaking the speed limit and causing noise pollution to the residents. As property setbacks on a range of houses are very small along the whole portion of the road, safely entering and exiting properties are higher in risk and could cause a fatal accident. Cochrane Street is known for cars to drag race down the road, due to the steep decent from Musgrave Street. Could the Council please fix this problem, as current residents would be safer walking down and crossing this road, entering and exiting their driveways. It currently is a clear safety issue that has been identified by residents surrounding this road. I appreciate your measured response and time reading our concerns.

Petitioners therefore request traffic calming measures be installed to reduce speed, noise pollution and traffic frequency on Cochrane Street at two locations. One at the Charteris Street intersection and one at the bottom of the descent from Musgrave Road.

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