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Traffic calmers for Rogers Parade East

Principal Petitioner Emma Nicolls, Everton Park
Date Closed Wed, 27 Dec 2017 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 4 signatures

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Residents draw to Council's attention the traffic speeding up and down Rogers Parade East as its used as a shortcut from Old Northern Road to South Pine Road. Visibility is extremely poor because the street is on a hill. It also contains a childcare centre so a lot of young children are in the street daily. This is a serious hazard and needs to be addressed urgently.

Your petitioners therefore request some form of traffic calmers be installed urgently. Speed humps and signage advising to slow down/local traffic only.

Council response

Thank you for your petition requesting that Council install traffic calming in Rogers Parade East, Everton Park.

Traffic calming involves the installation of devices such as speed bumps, platforms and chicanes to provide a safe environment for pedestrians and cyclists, to discourage non-local traffic such as ‘rat running’ and to moderate vehicle speeds. There is a high demand for traffic calming across the city and Council must prioritise funding to those projects that deliver the greatest benefit in terms of safety and amenity for the wider community.

Rogers Parade East provides an important link within the local road network for residents in nearby streets to easily access their properties through the safety and convenience of the signalised intersection with Old Northern Road. The next accessible access to this area from Old Northern Road is to perform a U-Turn near Cayley Street to access Russell Street.

Given the road network layout and pre-existing ‘Local Traffic Only’ signs, it is considered unlikely that the installation of traffic calming would reduce vehicle volumes in this street. Due to the above and that Rogers Parade East is only 200m long, it is not considered appropriate to list Rogers Parade East for traffic calming devices at this time.

Speeding is primarily a behavioural issue which is best handled by enforcement of the Queensland road rules by the Queensland Police Service (Police). Speeding vehicle complaints are able to be mitigated by regular enforcement by the Police, and they can be contacted on 13 HOON (13 46 66).