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Improving line markings and signage at car park adjacent to Corinda State School (end of Hughes Lane)

Principal Petitioner Mark Robinson, Oxley
Date Closed Fri, 15 Dec 2017 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 30 signatures

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Corinda State School community members and residents draw to the attention of Council the following safety and security deficiencies in the school car park at the end of Hughes Lane, Corinda:

  • the current width of regular car park spaces is less than the recommended minimum width in the Brisbane City Plan 2000
  • there is inadequate signage and controls to signal one-way traffic flow.

Your petitioners therefore request the following immediate corrective actions.

  1. As per section 6.8.1 of Brisbane City Plan 2000, all car park spaces less than 2.5 metres width to be widened to be at least the minimum width for a 'Class 2' space.
  2. One-way road markings along the entire one-way section of car park and the installation of a 'WRONG WAY GO BACK' sign at entrance to one-way section.
  3. Council to undertake further investigation into use of engineering controls at entrance to one-way section, to define the section and promote legal one-way driving.

Council response

Thank you for your petition requesting that Council improve line markings and signage at the car park adjacent to Corinda State School (end of Hughes Lane).

Council has completed an onsite investigation and considered your request.

Council has listed the redesign and rehabilitation of the car park at the end of Hughes Lane, Corinda, as part of Council’s future capital works program. The redesign and rehabilitation works will address car park size and all-ability access, and will include directional signage and road markings to comply with current standards.

Each year in June when budget decisions are made, all such works listed are assessed in relation to the overall needs of the city. Those works that are approved are considered to have the highest priority in terms of public safety, convenience and the number of people directly benefited in relation to cost.

Thank you for raising this matter.