Restore safe entry and exit at McDowall Village Shopping Centre to cope with the significant increase in traffic due to major road upgrades.

Principal Petitioner Sonia Partlett, Mcdowall
Date Closed Wed, 21 Feb 2018 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to the attention of Brisbane City Council to address the erosion of safe entry and exit at McDowall Village Shopping Centre following major road upgrades undertaken over the past seven years and in light of new upgrades currently in planning. Residents have been corresponding (written and in person) with Council about this issue for several years following the major upgrade joining both sections of Hamilton Road. Residents have again raised concerns about this issue in light of the planned upgrade to the Hamilton and Beckett Road intersection. This has been done through attendance at a community meeting with City Council Projects and through written and face to face correspondence with Councillor for McDowall (Norm Wyndham). Having reviewed recent responses from City Council Projects and from Councillor for McDowall Ward (Norm Wyndham), it is clear to us that the issue of safe entry and exit at the shopping centre will not be resolved through current Council plans for the upgrade to the Hamilton and Beckett Road intersection.

Residents are therefore requesting Brisbane City Council to:
1. Acknowledge that dealing with the traffic flow through the Hamilton Road and Beckett Road intersection is not sufficient; the upgrade currently in planning must address the issue of safe entry and exit at McDowall Village Shopping Centre;
2. Engage in an open and mediated discussion with all parties (residents, owner of the shopping centre and neighbouring developer) to thoroughly explore all sensible options to resolve the issue; and
3. Implement a sensible and sustainable change to the road area surrounding the entry and exit (both directions) at McDowall Village Shopping Centre as part of the upgrade to Hamilton and Beckett Road intersection.

Council response