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Clear Turning Point - Safe Entry to Belgrave Street

Principal Petitioner Lisa Stone, Petrie Terrace
Date Closed Sat, 30 Jun 2018 This epetition has ended
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Unsafe & invokes repeated abuse: the legal turning right entry via broken line at the current turning point of Belgrave Street and Musgrave Road in order to access housing. Currently, despite small signage at Belgrave Street sign point, legal broken line, slow stopping speed & indication of turning there is confusion, road rage & abuse from other drivers daily when attempting to turn at this point facing the city direction. This is the only possible entry to access housing in this area and it should be allowed to continue to have two directions to access Belgrave Street (either way coming along Musgrave Road). It is not recommended to cease both directions of turning from Musgrave Road, as that would hugely impact the unnecessary amount of traffic using Hale Street, Caxton Street and Petrie Terrace, just to run a block and access from the other direction.

Alter the road markings, to clearly indicate that it is a legal turning right point or add a slip/merge point.

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