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Requesting increased reporting on Development Applications for transparency and accountability reasons

Principal Petitioner Paul Aldred, Enoggera
Date Closed Wed, 30 May 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 34 signatures

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Why are we asking for this? Many Development Applications (DAs) are submitted and approved by Councils across Brisbane on the premise of meeting the 188,000 homes estimated to be required by 2041. "Brisbane City Council has received, on average, 4,500 development applications a year since the end of the global financial crisis. It does not keep figures on how many are approved versus how many are rejected". This means that there is no transparency as to how Council's planning teams are meeting this target and also how they are listening to residents' concerns in relation to overdevelopment of sites within their local community that will have a significant impact to their daily lives. We are requesting additional reporting to be performed that clearly shows how DAs are being approved in line with this target and how residents' concerns about DAs are being listened to. Please raise awareness of the lack of reporting and accountability in the planning process by signing this petition and sharing with others. Source: Real Estate - Its war on the home front as Brisbane locals fight suburbia - but big developers are winning - published 20/01/2018.

As a petitioner I am requesting that either the State Department for Planning and/or Brisbane City Council produce a quarterly report that clearly shows the following.

•For DAs where a substantial number of submissions (i.e. 20 or more) are received, these need to be separately reported including what level of concessions/changes have been made to mitigate local residents' concerns with the development. 

•Number of DAs submitted in the quarter by suburb, assessment type and activity.

•Total percentage of DAs approved/rejected by assessment type (i.e. Code or Impact).

•Total number of dwellings approved against the target of 188,000 type (i.e. multi dwelling/childcare centre).

This will allow residents and planners to ensure that development is tracked against the planned number of dwellings and also that community concerns are being listened to.

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