Private use dog park (Pay as you go)

Principal Petitioner Lia Cragnolini, Holland Park
Date Closed Wed, 04 Apr 2018 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to the attention of the Brisbane City Council the need to have access to a private use dog park. This dog park would enable residents to exercise their dogs with the comfort of having control over the access and sharing with other dogs and their owners, during their allotted booking time. This is a need that numerous dog owners have as they own dogs that are too timid, playful and/or unsocial to interact with a group of dogs which may be unknown to them. It would also provide peace of mind that their dog won’t be exposed to other dogs that might prove to be incompatible, unsafe or dangerous. This need is growing with the movement to adopt rescue dogs; many of whom have had instability and a lack of appropriate exposure, socialisation and positive experiences and therefore require privacy and security when being energetic.

Dogs that have been declared by Council as menacing or dangerous, and therefore not permitted to attend dog parks, would have access to the private dog park so their owners can exercise them in a safe, secure and appropriate manner. This need is also accumulating due to the impact of increases to housing density where more people are living in apartments or have smaller residential blocks. This concept is not looking for ongoing budget from the Brisbane City Council as the hire rates should be costed to cover ongoing maintenance and insurance. If needed, the group of interested dog owners would be willing to crowdfund the costs of establishing the private use dog park and therefore would limit the impacts on the local public space infrastructure budget.

This section explains the action that is required in response to the issue/grievance. Your petitioners therefore request that the Brisbane City Council provides the land, establishment and maintenance of a private use dog park. It would be requested that this dog park is:

1. not in the vicinity of a current dog park

2. substantial enough for larger dogs to be able to open up into a good run

3. appointed with similar features to other dog parks (e.g. shade, benches for owners to sit on, human and dog water fountain, rubbish bins, waste bags etc. and if possible agility equipment)

4. equipped with a solid fence that would prevent dogs on either side of the fence from seeing through and becoming over excited and stimulated, particularly when other dogs are waiting their turn

5. to have a 6-foot fence (height should be higher than the standard dog park fence, to assist dog owners with dogs that are good jumpers)

6. based on the same technology as the CityCycles so that a Go Card could pay for the entry

7. linked to an app so that dog owners can book out the park in advance

8. the app would ensure that the bookings are traceable to the dog owner, who must be a current council resident

9. dog owner can turn up to dog park without a booking and book on the spot if available

10. governed by rules. For example (these rules would require further consultation with registered dog owners) (a) can only use the park if Go Card (or payment card) is registered and linked to dog registration details, (b) booking slots are 30 mins in length, (c) cannot book more than 2 x 30 minute slots consecutively, (d) cannot pre-book more than 4 x 30 minute slots in a week (Monday to Sunday), (e) if a booking is late by 10 minutes, the booking is forfeited without refund and is available to be booked by another owner, (f) if an owner doesn’t attend four bookings in a calendar month, the owner is banned from pre-booking for a fortnight, (g) if late in vacating the park (more than five minutes) charged another 15 minutes, (h) if late in vacating more than four times in a month banned for a fortnight.

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