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Rename Barrack Road Park to Irene Longman Reserve

Principal Petitioner Cr Ryan Murphy, Cannon Hill
Date Closed Thu, 05 Apr 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 29 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of Council, the historical significance of Ms Irene Longman to the eastern suburbs of Brisbane, through her service to the Queensland Parliament and the community. Irene Longman was the first woman to be elected to parliament in Queensland, winning the seat of Bulimba from Labor for the Country and Progressive National Party in 1929. During her term, she was instrumental in appointing the first female police officer in Queensland, creating a separate Children’s Court, and appointing an advisory panel in challenging cases of juvenile delinquency. Her political career was short-lived, with Irene losing her seat in the landslide which swept away the Moore government in 1932. She died on 29 July 1964 in Brisbane and was cremated. Sadly, she didn't live to see another woman elected to parliament in her lifetime. Though the federal Division of Longman is named after Irene, there is little local recognition of her achievements. We believe it would be fitting to name the Council sports fields at Barrack Road, Cannon Hill, after Ms Longman. These sports fields are used by local school students from Ms Longman's former electorate of Bulimba. Ms Longman had a long history of working for the welfare of children, as both an educator in her earlier years, and later as an elected representative.

Your petitioners, therefore, request that the unnamed park bounded by Cedar Street, Barrack Road and Ivy Street in Cannon Hill (Barrack Road Park) be renamed Irene Longman Reserve in recognition of Irene Longman's significant contribution to Queensland and in particular, the role of women in politics.

Council response

I refer to your petition requesting that Council rename Barrack Road Park to Irene Longman Reserve.

Your petition has been investigated and it was considered by Council at its meeting held on 29 May 2018. It was decided that the petitioners be advised of the information below.

Council has completed an onsite investigation and considered your request.

Council will consider renaming Barrack Road Park, Cannon Hill, to ‘Irene Longman Reserve’ in accordance with 0S03 Naming Parks, Facilities or Tracks Procedure.