Eton Street - Traffic calming and footpaths

Principal Petitioner Lara Wallrock, Nundah
Date Closed Fri, 20 Apr 2018 This epetition has ended
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Eton Street has become a thoroughfare for cars trying to avoid traffic on surrounding main roads (Sandgate Road and Rode Road). The cars rat-run their way up and down Eton Street, breaking the speed limit of 50 km/h. There are many children who live in Eton Street and it is a significant threat to their safety allowing these cars to speed up and down what should be a quiet residential street. Should a child run out onto the street chasing a run away ball, they would not stand a chance if hit by one of these speeding vehicles. There are also a number of car yards at the bottom of Eton Street whose employees continue to test drive vehicles up and down Eton Street, again at speeds well over the speed limit of 50 km/h. Complaints have been made to the car yards, however nothing has been done or if it has, it has had no effect whatsoever. The residents of Eton Street are extremely concerned about this issue and that if nothing is done by Council then the unthinkable will inevitably occur.

The residents of Eton Street therefore request that Council install traffic calming on Eton street to slow the speed at which traffic is able to travel up and down the street. Footpaths also need to be installed down at least one side of the street to enable pedestrians, including children who walk to local schools, wheelchairs etc. to safely travel up and down Eton Street without having to run the risk of walking on the side of the actual road. With cars travelling at the speeds they are, it is lethal walking down the side of Eton Street.

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