Build Kangaroo Point Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridge

Principal Petitioner Donald Campbell, New Farm
Closing Date Mon, 11 Jun 2018
No. of signatures 75 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of Brisbane City Council the urgent need for the Kangaroo Point peninsula to be linked to the Brisbane CBD via a pedestrian and cyclist bridge. This bridge would enable more people in Kangaroo Point and suburbs further east to access the CBD by walking and cycling, instead of relying on private motor vehicles at the high levels identified in the 2016 census. Walking or cycling between the Kangaroo Point Peninsula and the CBD via the Goodwill Bridge is an option that requires an extensive detour that adds over 3 km compared with there being a direct crossing and putting pressure on the heavily utilised riverside pathways at Kangaroo Point. The Story Bridge provides a more direct route but still involves a circuitous route detour of almost 3 km, while the long and/or steep approaches in combination with noise and pollution from busy motor vehicle traffic make for an unpleasant journey. To the vast majority of the population both options are not appealing, resulting in far less people using active transport as an alternative to the private motor vehicle than would, in the case of a safe and direct bridge over the river being available. We note that detailed investigations have previously been made into locations and feasibility for such a bridge between Kangaroo Point and the Brisbane CBD, and preliminary designs have been commissioned and proposed. Preliminary Council estimates have stated that within the first year over 7,000 pedestrian and cycle crossings would occur per day. All political parties that currently form the Brisbane City Council are acutely aware of this and, as such, in the course of time have promised a pedestrian and cyclist bridge linking Kangaroo Point to the CBD. The most recent promises were in:

- 2013 - when Lord Mayor Graham Quirk promised it would be built within five years, and described it as the “missing link”. Unfortunately funding was removed shortly after.

- 2016 - when both the Labor and Greens parties promised a bridge as part of the Brisbane City Council election campaign. All political parties that form the current Council have also in the past pledged that they would go it alone and fund the construction exclusively out of the Brisbane City Council budget.

Your petitioners therefore request that Brisbane City Council commits to a new pedestrian and cyclist bridge linking the Kangaroo Point Peninsula to the Brisbane CBD, with planning to be commenced in 2018, and the bridge to be constructed and completed within five years. Such a bridge will encourage many people from the eastern suburbs of Brisbane (not just Kangaroo Point) to choose active transport when accessing the Brisbane CBD. Without this high-quality pedestrian and cyclist link, the effects of traffic congestion, noise and pollution will continue to diminish the quality of life and amenity of Kangaroo Point and the suburbs further to the east. The bridge must be urgently built to reverse this trend.

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