Princeton Street Parking, Kenmore

Principal Petitioner Louisa Gilles, Chapel Hill
Date Closed Mon, 30 Apr 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 53 signatures

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Recently Brisbane City Council (BCC) changed the signage in the Princeton Street carpark to time-limit the majority of carparks to a maximum of four-hour parking. There are insufficient untimed car parks to accommodate for the large numbers of staff working in the surrounding businesses. Street parking is limited and nearby shopping centre carparks (Kenmore Village) are designated for clients of that centre only. That leaves no long-term parking for staff members. Since the changes ,local staff are attempting to move their cars after four hours. This is disruptive to business and productivity. Doctors working in the medical centres sometimes need to leave the practice to do home visits or nursing home visits. This becomes difficult if they have parked their car further from the practice.

Your petitioners therefore request that BCC change signs to allow at least 20 more long-term parks in the Princeton carpark for staff members only, or provide staff with permits to exempt them from the time limits, in the style of residential parking permits.

Council response