Remove slab of concrete in Musgrave Park

Principal Petitioner Duncan Stuart, South Brisbane
Closing Date Fri, 04 May 2018
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The Gabba Ward Councillor, Councillor Jonno Sri, approved a concrete slab for a basketball half court in Musgrave Park without

(1) any local consultation with park users or nearby local residents.

(2) being aware that Council’s own current Musgrave Park Master Plan (Nov 2000) requires that area to be used exclusively for “primary school aged children of park users and local residents.”

(3) realising the numerous dangers and disadvantages from the now contiguous location of such a concrete slab court with the soft surfaced existing small children's playground. The 15 X 16 metre concrete slab is thoughtlessly and carelessly 96 square metres larger than the BCC standard 12m X 12m for a basketball half court. Much better, cheaper and safer locations for a basketball court exist elsewhere in South Brisbane including the least preferred by Councillor Sri Musgrave Park that already has an unused two tennis court sized bitumen slab at the other end of the park that is ideal for a basketball court.

Requested action by Council

(1) remove the new concrete slab contiguous with the small children’s playground because it is DISRESPECTFUL  (no local consultation), DUMB (ignorant and in breach of Council’s own Master Plan) and DANGEROUS to small children using the current playground (physically, psychologically and socially).

(2) relocate the proposed basketball half court to the far end of Musgrave Park, on the site of the now unused bitumen slab the size of two tennis courts, as a low-cost trial of the need for a court in this park, until that bitumen surface is needed for its intended purpose as an indigenous culture building.

(3) recognise and appoint immediately the newly formed Friends and Neighbours of Musgrave Park group (find us on Facebook) as the core membership (plus indigenous community representatives) of the long-needed and Council recommended Musgrave Park Local Users Management Committee that must be consulted henceforth by Council regarding all uses and about changes to the park.

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