Speed Humps and Children Warning Sign

Principal Petitioner Mandy Ballington, Chapel Hill
Date Closed Sun, 27 May 2018 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to the attention of the fact that many car drivers driving down Moordale Street in Chapel Hill tend to speed on this road. At the Moordale park, number 67 plot (land number) there are two corners from either side. We have noticed that some people driving are unaware of the park, the blind spot and children playing and crossing the road. There are many children that live on this street, crossing roads to get to the park to play, or go to and from school. My concern with the driving habilts of drivers that don't have consideration that this is a residential area, and chances of a fatal accident of knocking a child over by car, or even killing a child at high speed around these corners is very high, due to the fact that both sides is a blind spot for drivers.

For this petitioner, I would like to request two speed humps, a children sign, and a speed sign of 10 km/h be put up for the safety of the children and adults. Please for the safety of our children. Thank you

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