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Children safety - Speed bumps and crossing for Norths St Josephs Junior Rugby League and Netball Club

Principal Petitioner Matthew Willims, Virginia
Date Closed Tue, 16 Oct 2018 This epetition has ended
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Danger to children and pedestrians crossing Wellington Street to the junior rugby league club, park, pedestrian and  bike track. There have been a few close calls due to foot traffic across Wellington Street to the football club, park and pedestrian and bike track. Vehicles regularly don't obey speed limits along this road (it's a wide road) making for a number of close calls. Cars are often parked both sides of the street on days the rugby club is in use, requiring kids to cross the road. Also due to the location of fast food around the corner on Toombul Road, kids often cross the road to acquire snacks etc.

Suggest the installation of two speed bumps to each side of the rugby club and a pedestrian crossing.