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Install a school crossing on Moreton Street outside Petrie Terrace State School

Principal Petitioner Kelly James, Petrie Terrace
Date Closed Sun, 24 Jun 2018 This epetition has ended
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The front entrance to Petrie Terrace State School is very busy during the peak school drop off and pick up times, with lots of traffic coming from all directions (compounded by the fact a kindergarten is situated diagonally opposite the school). With no school crossing on the Moreton Street side of the school, children coming from that side of the road (including all of the pupils living in the suburb of Petrie Terrace) have no safe place to cross. At the top of the hill, it is difficult to see what's coming around the bend from Upper Cairns Terrace, as well as watching out for cars taking off from the school drop off zone, while at the bottom of the hill there are cars coming both ways in Moreton street, as well as turning left and right from Charlotte Street. Additionally, parked cars on Moreton Street opposite the school make it difficult to see traffic coming from the right when crossing towards the school. Given the area, which also features a popular park, is so heavily populated by children, it is only a matter of time before a child is seriously injured on this street or worse.

Given the serious safety issue posed, a school crossing needs to be installed on Moreton Street. Previous measures such as banning left turns from Charlotte Street into Moreton Street have only served to confuse people (as it's only at pick-up, not drop-off times) and create a false sense of security for those crossing the road (with plenty of drivers ignoring the signage). Children coming from the Paddington direction have a staffed crossing, but the children walking from the Petrie Terrace side are left to navigate a difficult and dangerous street (even with a parent present). All children deserve to be able to get to school safely, and with a crossing in place it may even allow more to walk to school, easing the current traffic issues.

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