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Deagon Traffic Interventions

Principal Petitioner Caron Reid, Deagon
Date Closed Fri, 31 Aug 2018 This epetition has ended
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Local residents would like to draw attention to the increased traffic in the streets situated both east and west of Braun Street since the closure of the ramp to the motorway at North Boondall and the changed traffic conditions due to the upgrade of the Deagon Deviation. Streets affected include (but not limited to):

1. Smith/Bowen - used as a diversion/U-turn from Braun Street. Drivers will travel up Smith Street/down Bowen Street (or vice versa). They will often use these streets as the entry/exit point for Smith/Norman/Esther Streets.

2. Smith Street; Norman Street; Esther Street - these streets are used as part of the rat run for motorists avoiding the traffic on Braun Street. Usually travelling to/from Rainbow Street and will travel down/up Adam, Ibis or Eve Streets.

3. Adam/Barclay/Loftus Street intersection - due to the increase in traffic along the main roads parallel to this intersection (Rainbow/Braun Streets), this intersection has become extremely difficult to navigate due to it's triangulated configuration, making the approach to this intersection and driving conditions along the associated streets dangerous.

4. Braun/Loftus Street intersection - similar to 3. Drivers will not wait for the lights or do not understand basic turning requisites. With the increase in traffic along Braun Street and drivers using Loftus Street to bypass Braun/Rainbow Streets - drivers are taking increased risks to access Loftus Street from Braun Street or from Loftus Street to access the shopping centre located opposite.

5. Burralong/Biarra/Nearra Streets (and Beerwah/Utalong Streets) - similar to Smith/Bowen. These streets are being used as a rat run to avoid the traffic congestion along Braun Street. Cars will enter via either Burralong/Biarra, drive along either Beerway/Utalong Streets and exit through either Biarra/Nearra Streets. The movement of the traffic lights to the top of Biarra Street may be a slight deterrent - but will not stop streets being used to avoid congestion along Braun Street.

6. Braun/Rainbow Streets - significant traffic increase due to the closure of the Motorway on ramp at North Boondall. In addition, traffic flow has also increased as drivers who live on the other side of the Ted Smout Memorial Bridge or north of our suburb, travel through Brighton/Sandgate/Deagon to avoid the Deagon Deviation.

This is just a small sample of the streets that have been affected. Residents have reported a significant increase in traffic, speeding and dangerous driving at all hours of the day and night. Other streets within this vicinity would obviously be affected, but a survey conducted of residents indicated the streets noted in numbers 1-6 above have had the most significant impact.

The residents of Deagon are seeking a review to be undertaken of the impacts the Deagon Deviation upgrades have had to traffic conditions within the Deagon Ward. Deagon has been known to be called Deagon "Thruviation" since the upgrades have commenced. The residents are seeking traffic interventions to be implemented that will provide a safe passage and less traffic for families residing in the streets immediately affected; and for those who are being impacted either directly or indirectly by the change in traffic conditions and flow.