Current ePetitions

Current ePetitions that are open for signing are listed below. If you want to start your own ePetition select 'Request an ePetition'. Before signing or starting an ePetition it is suggested that you read the 'ePetition conditions' and 'ePetition help' pages.

ePetition Title Principal Petitioner Closing Date
Rectifying Grass Cutting Services in the Forest Lake WardCharles StrunkFri, 24 Jun 2022
Walter Taylor Bridge Traffic BottleneckChenfeng ChenThu, 04 Aug 2022
Exempt RSL sub-branches from fees charged for road closures on Anzac Day.Sean HarrisonFri, 24 Jun 2022
Corbett Park Signage/Past Brothers Rugby League Football ClubGraham BrennanFri, 03 Jun 2022
Traffic calming requestColleen CookTue, 21 Jun 2022
A new floral emblem for BrisbaneIlithyia BoneMon, 23 May 2022
Reduce the speed limit to 40KM along the Wynnum, Manly and Lota foreshore from Wynnum Creek to Lota CreekJoan PeaseThu, 04 Aug 2022
Proposed Clearing of Wetlands for Development SubdivisionMarni LinnellTue, 31 May 2022
Buyback to all Rocklea residentDaryl DiestoSat, 25 Jun 2022
Urgently install Backflow Devices for Morningside WardCouncillor Kara CookSat, 11 Jun 2022
Friday Street SpeedingChris TaylorThu, 30 Jun 2022
A “Citydog” to aid citycat recoveryMadonna StephensWed, 01 Jun 2022
Traffic calming requestHannah ObrienWed, 25 May 2022
Traffic calming to Norman Parade & Bonney Avenue Clayfield.Jim StockTue, 31 May 2022
Save Kougari Oval NO Stadium at Kitchener ParkMoira ForresterThu, 30 Jun 2022
Brighton ForeshoreCr Jared CassidyTue, 31 May 2022
King George Square - fountains and grassJeremy RigbyThu, 02 Jun 2022

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