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Install traffic lights and pedestrian crossing at Fig Tree Pocket Rd - Kenmore Rd intersection

Principal Petitioner Michaela Ryan, Fig Tree Pocket
Date Closed Wed, 30 May 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 389 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of Councillors making funding decisions for the annual capital works program - Car accidents occur approximately weekly at the intersection of Fig Tree Pocket Road and Kenmore Road, opposite Errogie Place, Fig Tree Pocket. The introduction of a "Slow" sign on Fig Tree Pocket Road has not reduced the number of car accidents at this intersection. There is also nowhere safe for pedestrians to cross at or near this intersection, which includes a number of Fig Tree Pocket State School students who commute on foot or bike to school. There are only rare breaks in the traffic allowing a safe crossing, and the nearest pedestrian lights are 770 metres down the hill near the freeway, and not a realistic option. Congestion at peak school run hours also occurs at this intersection - a problem which is increasing as there is more construction in the suburb. Cars leaving the suburb (which includes three schools and one kindergarten) are banked up as they attempt to exit Fig Tree Pocket Road (to turn left on to Kenmore Road, or right on to the continuation of Fig Tree Pocket Road).

Your petitioners therefore request the installation of traffic lights (to prevent the constant car accidents and improve traffic flow at peak times) including pedestrian lights (to provide a safe place for children and adults to cross).

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