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Kamarin Street, Manly West Hazard

Principal Petitioner Tracy Richards, Brisbane
Date Closed Tue, 01 May 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 402 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of ...I'm concerned about the driving safety on Kamarin Street, Manly West, particularly given the contour of the road, the downhill travelling from Ringara Street, volume of traffic, combined with the on-street parking on both sides of the road. With parked cars and two cars passing together, the road becomes very narrow and potentially unsafe. A driver has to either stop to give way to the other vehicle or reverse to make way. A single vehicle has to slow to about 30 km to safely navigate between the parked cars. At night and in bad weather conditions, the street can become more hazardous. (Case Ref No. 7396048)

Your petitioners therefore request...Late evening inspection followed by implementation of road safety measures such as single line parking, installation of chicanes, speed humps, improved lighting and better signage.

Council response

Thank you for your petition requesting the implementation of road safety measures in Kamarin Street, Manly West.

Traffic calming involves the installation primarily of devices such as speed platforms and chicanes to discourage non-local traffic and to moderate vehicle speeds, providing a safer environment for all road users. There is a high demand for traffic calming across the city and Council must prioritise funding to those projects that deliver the greatest benefit in terms of safety and amenity for the wider community.

In response to this petition, Councillor Peter Cumming, Councillor for Wynnum Manly Ward, conducted community consultation with all properties along Kamarin Street and Empire Avenue. More than 20% of residents responded to this consultation. While the opinions of respondents were divided, the majority of residents of Kamarin Street did not support a traffic calming scheme.

As a traffic calming solution was not supported, Council has investigated alternative treatments at the intersection of Empire Avenue and Adrian Street. The alternative treatment for the intersection of Kamarin Street and Empire Avenue consists of traffic islands to better define the traffic lanes which will help calm southbound vehicles approaching the crest and improve pedestrian safety at this intersection. The upgrade will be listed for funding consideration under a future budget and prioritised against other similar citywide projects and would be subject to public consultation.

Council will mark yellow lines on the eastern side of Kamarin Street at the crest near Adrian Street. The extent of the line marking is to be determined by consultation with directly affected residents.

In relation to the petitioners’ feedback about street lighting, a late night inspection was undertaken along Kamarin Street. It was identified that maintenance works are required, including cleaning and new lamps for three lights. As Energex are responsible for the maintenance and provision of street lighting at this location, a request has been sent to them to carry out these works.

As part of the inspection, it was identified that sections of the road would benefit from a lighting upgrade. A design for this work is being prepared by Council. Once complete, this design will be forwarded to Energex to install the upgraded lighting and it is anticipated this will be completed by the end of December 2018. Safety improvements at the northern end of Kamarin Street near its intersection with Whites Road have been listed for funding under Council’s budget. These improvements include a pedestrian refuge across Whites Road and a splitter island on Kamarin Street which will provide a safe pedestrian crossing point and prevent corner cutting into this section of the street.

Thank you for raising this matter.