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Mitchelton skate park

Principal Petitioner James Dodsworth, Samford
Date Closed Tue, 08 May 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 107 signatures

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We at YWAM Brisbane have been supporting families and children in the local community in Mitchelton for many years and would love to see more opportunities for children and their families to participate in outdoor social activities together. It has come to our attention that there are many children who wander the streets or skate/scooter around the streets and don't have anywhere substantial to play on their skateboards/scooters (other than their own driveways or the walking paths). Many older children don't have a wide variety of outdoor activities to participate in within the local area. At Fenwick Park (as well as other parks) there are playgrounds, which are mostly suited to young kids. However, the older kids are looking for something more suited for them. Sometimes they want to travel to other skateparks which are too far away from home for them or can't because their parents aren't willing to let them travel alone for safety reasons or able to take their kids.

It is our request as a local youth organisation (and on behalf of local families) that we petition for a skatepark to be constructed at Fenwick Park, for the children in Mitchelton and their families. This will provide an opportunity to promote healthy physical activity in a safe environment and foster more social connections between youth, mentors and families

Council response

Thank you for your petition requesting that Council construct a skate park in Fenwick Park, Mitchelton.

Council has completed an investigation and considered your request. It was decided that the petitioners be advised of the following information.

Fenwick Park contains a centrally located cricket pitch and field, a playground, basketball half court, a picnic shelter, barbeques, seating and pathways, and a toilet block constructed in late 2017. All of these facilities are located within an area of approximately 1.7 hectares, which means there is insufficient space to locate a skate facility in the park that would be adequately separated from adjoining residents to mitigate potential noise and amenity impacts.

Council is currently investing in new skate facilities in the wider area. The recently constructed Grovely Skate Park in Fihelly Street Park, Keperra, offers a dedicated space that caters for skaters of all ages, from beginner through to intermediate ability levels. The facility also provides opportunities for rollerblading, BMX and scooter riding. This new facility is just over one kilometre north-west of Fenwick Park.

Slightly further afield but still within Council’s Enoggera Ward, construction has recently commenced on the new Ashgrove Skate Park in Dorrington Park, which is just over three kilometres south-east of Fenwick Park. This new skate park will be a street-style facility with ledges and kerbs, situated next to the existing basketball half court. It will also cater for all ages and a range of abilities, and provide opportunities for rollerblading, BMX and scooter riding. For further information on these and other Council skate park projects, please visit Council’s website and search ‘skate park projects’.

These new projects are in addition to three existing nearby skate facilities, located in Ferny Grove Picnic Ground Park; Shand Street Park, Stafford; and Walton Bridge Reserve, The Gap. The combination of the existing and new facilities ensures the wider community is well serviced with publicly available skate facilities. For further information regarding Council’s existing skate facilities, please visit Council’s website and search ‘skate parks’.

Due to the lack of space within Fenwick Park, and Council’s significant ongoing investment into other skate facilities in the local area, Council does not intend to construct a skate park in Fenwick Park, Mitchelton