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Boyd Park Basketball Half Court Extension

Principal Petitioner Trent Morrison, Kedron
Date Closed Mon, 14 May 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 8 signatures

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Being that I have lived in the 4012 postcode virtually my entire life, I have had the opportunity to watch the suburb of Nundah grow rapidly over the last 15 years. Boyd park has been the stomping ground of future generations of adults in the community and beyond for decades. However, because of the increasing growth of Nundah the local half court is becoming an extremely popular section of the park. it is very capable of attracting fifteen to twenty people at a time on a regular weekday afternoon.

Nundah is one of the most community-oriented suburbs on the northside. With that being said, I would love nothing more than to show the public how much of a positive impact extending the current half court into a full court would have on the future of the community.

Council response

Thank you for your petition requesting that Council extend the basketball half court to a full court in Boyd Park, Nundah.

Council has completed an investigation and considered your request. It was decided that the petitioners be advised of the following information.

Council has listed for consideration the extension of the basketball half court to a full size court in Boyd Park, Nundah, as part of Council's capital works program. It has also been forwarded to Councillor Adam Allan, Councillor for Northgate Ward, for consideration, as part of the Ward Footpath and Parks Trust Fund.

As funds need to be specifically set aside in a future budget for this work, a construction date is unable to be provided at this time. Each June, all listed projects are prioritised and assessed against the overall needs of the city. Approved works have the highest priority in terms of public safety, convenience and the number of people directly benefiting in relation to the cost. If you would like to discuss your request directly with Councillor Allan, please contact the Northgate Ward Office on (07) 3403 2210.