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Pedestrian Crossings at Pullenvale State School

Principal Petitioner Nicole Heath, Pullenvale
Date Closed Thu, 26 Apr 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 90 signatures

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The issue is of serious concern where kids have no peadestrain crossing to cross the road. Not one. Moggill State school has lit-up signs, two pedestrian crossing and a lolly-pop lady. We need safety for our children when crossing the road. In recent feedback from Council I was told that the ownership is that of the child that they need to be safety-conscious. Well when OLR, Kenmore State School has implemented the crossings, lolly-pop people, the flashing signs, I feel we are being discriminated against.

Therefore, EJ petitioners request to install the following:

  • At the top school just in line of where the grounds of the school begin, in place already is a little marked Island lined on the road. To install a pedestrian crossing there and lit up 40 km/h signs at a spot to be clearly seen.
  • A second pedestrian crossing to be proposed where the car park exists a crossing there, and lit-up lights in school zone hours.

Council response

Thank you for your petition requesting Council to install pedestrian crossings at Pullenvale State School.

An existing school zone with threshold markings is in place for the section of Grandview Road which passes the school. This zone provides a signed 40 km/h speed limit each school day from 7am to 9am and from 2pm to 4pm. School zones help to raise awareness of motorists to the presence of children and to drive with care. The school has a designated set down space to its north for northbound traffic and a pedestrian refuge provides a safe crossing point for pedestrians next to the school car park exit. Pedestrian refuges encourage pedestrians to check for safe gaps in oncoming traffic and cross only one lane of traffic at a time.

Council’s Light Emitting Diode (LED) Road Signs program involves the installation of LED road signs to improve safety on Brisbane’s suburban streets. Enhanced LED signage has been installed on both approaches to the bend of Pullenvale Road adjacent to the school to improve driver awareness of the road conditions and further improve safety during school drop off and pick up periods. Council also committed to install a second pedestrian refuge on Lancing Street to enhance active transport connections and reduce parking demands at the school. Construction of this refuge was completed at the end of June 2018.

Your concerns about pedestrian safety and feedback about infrastructure at other schools in the western suburbs has been noted. Pedestrian facilities installed by Council must be in accordance with the Queensland Government’s Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Under these guidelines, pedestrian crossings are not recommended in all locations. As zebra crossings grant priority to pedestrians over vehicles, they are only installed when there is significant pedestrian demand throughout the day. Although the school generates high volumes during peak periods, this is only for a short duration with very low demands outside these times. Low pedestrian numbers can lead to dangerous interactions with traffic as motorists may become complacent when crossings are not being used consistently. As such, the existing refuge island is considered to offer a safer crossing option than a zebra crossing, which is not supported under Queensland road standards.

Your request for flashing school zone signage has also been noted. The Queensland Government’s Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) has a program to upgrade existing school zones to flashing school zone signage on single lane roads and supervised pedestrian crossings are controlled by TMR. Council will make representations to TMR to include Pullenvale State School in their program to further enhance the existing school zones with flashing signage and to consider if a supervised crossing with formal traffic control is warranted.

In June 2014, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk established the independent Brisbane Parking Taskforce (the Taskforce) to advise Council how to respond to parking issues and to best manage on-street parking in the future. The Taskforce included representatives from RACQ, P&Cs Queensland, National Retail Association, Multicap, Taxi Council Queensland, Transport Workers Union, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland, Parking Australia and Council’s Transport for Brisbane, who reviewed more than 1,100 submissions from residents, schools and businesses.

In response to many school traffic and parking related issues contained in submissions, the Taskforce recommended that all Brisbane schools develop and implement their own traffic and parking management plan using a template prepared by Council. Using Council’s School Traffic Management Plans (TMP) template offers the benefit of establishing a more consistent approach to parking and traffic management across Brisbane schools, while allowing flexibility for schools to address specific local challenges.

Council’s TMP template has been provided to more than 120 schools across Brisbane, including Pullenvale State School. As part of the TMP process, the school is required to identify safe areas for parents and carers to drop off and pick up students, and investigate and implement strategies which aim to ease school-related traffic and parking congestion.

As part of the TMP process, Council officers will be assisting the school to carry out a review of loading zones, parking areas and public and active transport options at and near the school. Council will continue to work with the school to complete its TMP which will identify opportunities to improve parking arrangements in the local area.

In response to your petition, Council does not propose to install zebra crossings on Grandview Road and will write to the Queensland Government on behalf of the petitioners requesting the enhancement of the existing school zone signage.

Thank you for raising this matter.