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A clearly signed designated outdoor smoking area on Edward Street between Ann and Queen Street, including Petrie Terrace

Principal Petitioner Cameron Krueger, Hamilton
Date Closed Sat, 01 Sep 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 24 signatures

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Every morning I, as well as other happy and beautiful residents of Brisbane and other areas of the world, unite as one to stop and watch the majesty of Brisbanites going to work, eating Ramen, Donating Blood and getting good value haircuts whilst donating to the government via tobacco taxes. This shows a true humanist view of multicultural and multi-class homogeny, something to be admired as part of the down to earth and good willed nature that still remains in this wonderful city. We don't need a cold, miserable and authoritarian streetscape here in Brisbane.

Actions requested: 

• A clearly signed designated outdoor smoking area on Edward Street smack bang between Ann and Queen Street.

• Consider adding one on Petrie Tce, too.

Council response