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We want speed bumps on Lunga Street

Principal Petitioner Ivy Patterson, Carina
Date Closed Thu, 31 May 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 3 signatures

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I definitely think we need speed bumps on Lunga Street, Carina, because people do not care when they come from Stanley Road, and people come rushing from Henders Street and do not look and then we know what happens, though we have not seen it happen, everybody in the street knows we need speed bumps ! Love, Ivy.

As I said, all of the small streets like Lunga Street, Carina, people don’t care about the back streets, and especially Lunga Street, because we have cars zooming here and there so on Lunga Street we need speed bumps and do some action Brisbane City Council.

Council response

Thank you for your petition requesting that Council install speed bumps in Lunga Street, Carina.

Council has completed an investigation and considered your request. It was decided that the petitioners be advised of the following information.

Traffic calming involves the installation of devices such as speed bumps, platforms and chicanes to provide a safe environment for pedestrians and cyclists, to discourage non-local traffic and to moderate vehicle speeds. There is a high demand for traffic calming across the city and Council must prioritise funding to those projects that deliver the greatest benefit in terms of safety and amenity for the wider community. In addition, community support to install traffic calming treatments is required as local traffic improvements can create strong reactions, both for and against. 

Lunga Street forms an important link in the local traffic network from Stanley Road through to D’Arcy Road, and the residential catchments to the north of D’Arcy Road. The traffic signals at the southern end of Lunga Street also provide a safe turning option for motorists exiting onto Stanley Road. As a result, traffic calming is not considered an appropriate treatment given the road’s intended function and is not supported. 

Your feedback about motorists speeding out of Hendren Street has been noted. As Hendren Street’s approach to Lunga Street is only 180 metres, it is considered that vehicles would not reach excessive speeds leading up to this intersection. In addition, a ‘Give-Way’ control has been installed at the intersection of Hendren Street and Lunga Street for vehicles entering Lunga Street. Under the Queensland Road Rules, vehicles are required to give way to any vehicles on Lunga Street before exiting Hendren Street when it is safe to do so. Visibility in both directions is clear and unobstructed and it is considered that motorists exercising due care and attention can safely enter Lunga Street. 

Speeding and failing to give way are primarily behavioural issues, which are best handled by enforcement of the Queensland Road Rules by the Queensland Police Service (Police). Speeding and reckless driving complaints are able to be mitigated by regular enforcement by the Police and they can be contacted on 13 HOON (13 46 66).