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Wynnum Road Motorist Accountability

Principal Petitioner Christopher Dawson, Wynnum West
Date Closed Wed, 26 Sep 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 17 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of motorists, both cars and bikes, that continually break the law by means of excessive speed, running red lights and noise pollution! This petition relates to Wynnum Road between Tingal Road, Wynnum, and Manly Road, Tingalpa. There is on one hand the Harley and Suzuki motorcycles that produce excessive noise pollution at most hours of the day, along with every other mode of motorised transport running red lights and exceeding the speed limit. The Queensland Police Service has been notified of these issues, however their staff are unable to provide a consistent solution. The behaviours outlined above have caused accidents where residents' lives have been put at risk after a vehicle has proceeded past the property boundary and into private property. Some residents in general do not feel safe walking the streets and where there is an increased activity of parents with young children, as well as cyclists of all ages, they deserve to enjoy an environment free from noise pollution and inconsiderate motorists. The above places everybody In a state at which their health and safety is at a high level.

Petitioners therefore request that a number of monitoring devices be erected. Devices to be erected at key locations such as intersections and inconspicuous locations:

 - fixed red light camera

- fixed speed camera devices to be erected in inconspicuous locations

- fixed speed camera

- noise camera.

The above devices must be of a fixed, long-term nature.

Council response

Thank you for your petition requesting Council install a number of monitoring devices in Wynnum Road between Tingal Road, Wynnum, and Manly Road, Tingalpa.

Wynnum Road is considered to be an arterial road under Council’s road hierarchy, which connects major centres of the city and forms an important link in Brisbane’s bus and freight network. Due to the road’s function, high volumes of traffic are expected.

Your request for speed cameras, red light cameras and noise cameras has been noted. Speeding and reckless driving including red light running are considered to be driver behaviour issues which Council cannot enforce. The Queensland Police Service (QPS) is the designated authority responsible for enforcing Queensland’s traffic laws.

Fixed speed cameras, red light cameras and other enforcement devices are under the jurisdiction of the QPS and Council cannot install them nor does it choose locations for cameras to be installed.

While Council cannot enforce the speed limit, it has implemented two specific programs to improve road safety across Brisbane. These programs are the speed awareness monitors (SAM) program and the Light Emitting Diode (LED) Road Signs program.

SAMs are installed for a minimum of one month and increase motorist awareness of their travelling speed by acting as a reminder to adhere to the speed limit. The citywide program has seen a marked decrease in the number of motorists travelling over the speed limit when passing the signs, with an average speed reduction of more than 8 km/h across all sites since the program began in late 2013. An existing SAM footing is in place in the vicinity of 2012 Wynnum Road, Wynnum West, for northbound traffic. While no SAM is currently installed, they will continue to be rotated in this location at the discretion of the local ward councillor.

The highly visible LED road signs are triggered when a vehicle approaches the sign above a pre‑determined speed set for that location, displaying a ‘Slow Down’ message when activated. These signs are designed to alert drivers of an upcoming hazard, such as a zebra crossing, bend or ‘Stop’ sign. An LED road sign has been installed on the Wynnum Road median between Pandorea Street and Chandos Street, Wynnum West, since July 2017. The sign highlights to passing northbound traffic, the left bend in the road.

In response to this petition, Council will refer the petitioners’ request for traffic enforcement cameras to the Police Commissioner, Mr Ian Stewart APM for consideration.