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Removal of ads from BCC bus windows

Principal Petitioner Peter Cumming, Wynnum
Date Closed Fri, 27 Jul 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 51 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of the Lord Mayor, problems with visibility and safety caused by advertising covering bus windows.

Your petitioners therefore request that BCC discontinues the practice of covering bus windows with advertising wraps.

Council response

In the current financial year, Council expects to provide a Public Transport Operating Subsidy of $126.5 million, which supports the operation of quality bus and ferry services across the city and suburbs. Revenue from advertising on buses assists Council in providing this high level of funding support for public transport. Without advertising revenue, Council would need to consider reducing public transport service levels or increasing general rates to fill any funding gap.

It is important to note, however, that Council already takes steps to ensure that external advertising on buses does not unreasonably impact on passengers. Council currently has more than 1,200 buses in its bus fleet, however, relatively few buses have advertising that fully covers windows.

The most common form of external commercial advertising used is a Portrait Side display, which is a 1.4 metre wide advertisement positioned on the side of a 12.5 metre-long bus. Council also makes use of the rear of its bus fleet, which is generally window-free, for advertising purposes.

The number of fully-wrapped buses represents only five percent of the entire fleet. The majority of these wraps are used for Council and community purposes, including to identify the iconic Blue and Maroon CityGlider services, the Spring Hill Free Loop, commemorating the Centenary of Anzac Day and to promote the 2019 INAS Global Games.

The wrap used on Blue CityGlider buses has recently been updated and refreshed to allow improved passenger visibility, with significantly less window coverage. Council is currently reviewing the wrap being used on the Maroon CityGlider buses and will initiate a similar update program commencing in 2019.

Council acknowledges that some passengers may have concerns about visibility from bus windows. At present, the material being used for bus advertising is perforated, with hundreds of pin holes allowing passengers to be able to see through the artwork. The product being used is the only commercially available product which meets the Australian Design Standards. The product is used by a number of different transport agencies throughout Australia and around the world.

Therefore, Council does not support the removal of advertising from Council bus windows at this time.