Mixed Dwelling options have always been desirable in Forest Lake.

Principal Petitioner Mark King, Forest Lake
Date Closed Fri, 22 Jun 2018 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to the attention of the Brisbane City Council the continual need for mix dwellings including all types from cottages to high rise consistent with the provisions of the existing neighbourhood plan, convenants and land usage options that have been available, applicable and prescribed, since Delfin (the original developer in conjunction with BCC), some 20 years ago. It is always easy for some to assert a consensus and then fail to present the factual realities that may have always been intent, the desire, the provision and zoning that has always been in existence in this precinct. Firstly, I live on the Esplanade and only today I have received your drop off pamphlet. I also live with chronic illness and appreciate the capacity that has always been provided for since conception of this development at Forest Lake, and the desire for a mix of living options for the elderly, disabled and those whom wish to remain in the area for the very reasons that have seen them raise and educate their family and have their medical and social ties here. The entire presentation of no high rise for Forest Lake does not do anything but present a hide them anywhere but here attitude. It does not address the reality that the original provisions in this precinct has always allowed for a mix of dwellings including unit development up to and including 4 storeys. That has been reinforced and consolidated by the 2014 Planning Act some 4 years ago, to continue to provided the option that has existed for at least 16 to 20 years in this precinct. That's an indication of consensus to provide continuity of housing for a broad range of community needs. It is my understanding that in 2014, it may have transpired that a variation of 1 storey may have occurred taking The Jetty Walk Precinct from 4 to 5 storeys. The Jetty Walk Precinct has since inception, always had the same zoning as the Business District. The blocks were designed by Delfin for that purpose. I can still remember conversations person to person with Gregory Tuppercuff Delfin's Town Planner 17 years ago. The Jetty Walk Precinct is precisely the appropriate location for high rise mix dwellings. It always has been. I will not assume to assert what other people think when they are ill informed or oblivious to lawful and legal realities as they have been and continue to be. I also would like to think that people start to appreciate and acknowledge the contributions and needs of the vulnerable, and the frail, rather than what appears to be a self serving and misinformed assertion. To provide a letter drop that has an 8 storey image represented is both alarming and certainly inconsistent with my discussions as a long term resident with BCC , Town Planners, the Original Developers Delfin, documentations such as The Forest Lake Neighbourhood Plan, letters and communications and person to person meetings over the years regarding this matter. So unlike others I will not generalise, Forest Lake has always had a mix of housing optons includng high rise since inception. It meets the needs of the many, not the few. Development consistent with existing provisions would provide the same assistance and dwelling mix availability that is occurring throughout Brisbane. It provdes the same levels of access to transport, business districts and infrastructure, that other areas of Brisbane enjoys. I have seen appropriate, sensitve, unit and apartment dwellings that add and rejuvenate whilst still looking after the needs of the occupants. It is also my understanding that the property you have indicated falls outside the medium density zoning changes of 2014, for the Jetty Walk Precinct. So I find the suggestion that an 8 storey unit development on that block inconsistent with all aspects as outlined both present to my knowledge and historcally so. So on the basis of reasonable inclusiveness, with the understanding and empathy of the needs of all levels of the community, including the infirmed and vulnerable ensuring as it would all have the human right not to be ostracised or annexed out of a community, and housing potentials and options that have always been provided for since inception are not denied. I would invite those whom live in the immediate area, the general residents, and the greater surrounding area to support the continuation and the realisations of the existing provisions (as outlined) to ensure mixed dwellings are provided for the elderly, the infirmed, and the broader community to ensure Forest Lake continues to recognise the broader needs of the community.

Your petitioners therefore request that unit development consistent with the provisions of the original zoning, the neighbourhood plan, the 2014 BCC Plan is supported for the desired inclusive needs of the broader community.

Council response

Thank you for your petition requesting that Council only approve unit developments in Forest Lake that are consistent with current planning provisions for the area.

Council agrees that Brisbane City Plan 2014 and development assessment processes should support development of mid-rise, medium density residential developments that offer a range of high-quality, affordable and adaptable housing types that enable continuity in accommodation options for people wishing to live in the Forest Lake area.

Furthermore, Council’s Delegate refused the development application at 5 The Esplanade, Forest Lake, on 9 July 2018, which is currently the subject of a Planning and Environment Court appeal.

Thank you for raising this matter.