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Bank Road development

Principal Petitioner Stella Cuolahan, Graceville
Date Closed Tue, 11 Dec 2018 This epetition has ended
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One of the streets that has to cope with this is Bank Road, Graceville. With cars swooping around corners and adults hustling small children into bakeries and cafés, Bank Road is a very busy area, and soon in years to come will be growing with more business. A popular place to sit down with friends or go buy the newspaper. However, ever since the effect of the traffic, it has not been prepared. Bank Road is all off for bakeries, cafés, shops and more, which has a road where cars can dangerously go onto from Honour Avenue, and out of Bank Road, a space that has also caused a dangerous crossing for commuters. The council has noted this problem ages before, and tried to secure a safe place for pedestrians and solve this problem by putting a traffic island in the middle of Bank Road. But the council has just failed to realise, that this has just completely declined the needs for Bank Road, which is not to make a smaller space for cars. However, my solution will be a help to traffic and no more dangerous spaces for Bank Road.

So, my plan, to renovate Bank Road and help with Honour Avenue traffic, will first mean blocking off the Honour Avenue entrance into Bank Road, could have many different options to block off the entrance, my suggestion would be to make another island filled with trees, pebbles and plants. Then to add to the advancement of Bank Road, I would recommendation renovating the old car park near the Thai restaurant, to give more car space. I would like the council to consider this issue, and my solution, as it will not only improve the safety of commuters trying to get into shops, it will also be a starter solution to traffic on Honour Avenue because it will have no longer, any sharp turns or small spaces in the middle of busy traffic, and finally, would be like an open, fresh, and glamourous mall in Graceville, rather than what the council has struggled to make. Following the upgrading, this “mall” will also have more space for growing business. Also, there are many alternative routes to get to Bank Road, so, then everyone in the Graceville community could enjoy what this beautiful suburb would have on offer.

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