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Traffic lights for the Corner of Balham and Barton Street Archerfield

Principal Petitioner Adrian Mostert, Archerfield
Date Closed Sun, 15 Jul 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 70 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of the council the fatal accident that occurred on the 13/06/18 at this location.The businesses on these corners have dealt with multiple serious accidents over time. Myself, my staff and members of other businesses on the corner came to the aid of the victim but he could not be saved. This particular intersection has an extremely high and dangerous level of traffic trying to reach the Ipswich Motorway west bound avoiding the main arterial of Granard Road on ramp by using Boundry Road. The mixture of heavy vehicles and light vehicles cutting the corner and mounting curbs has been witnessed by all businesses on the corner making it extremely dangerous for pedestrians as well. The local businesses and QLD Police have all agreed that a set of lights needs to be installed to avoid the continuing accidents and the possibility of another fatality.

Your petitioners therefore request: A rework of the traffic management plan for the multiple lanes going each way. A set of traffic lights at the T-intersection. Armco railing on corners to protect pedestrians and business shop fronts that are less than 20 metres from the roadway.

Council response

Thank you for your petition requesting the installation of traffic lights at the corner of Balham Road and Barton Street, Archerfield.

Balham Road is the through traffic route running east to west. Barton Street joins Balham Road at a ‘T intersection’ from the north and includes ‘Give Way’ line markings and signage to reinforce the priority of Balham Road. Vehicles entering Balham Road are required to give way to any passing traffic on Barton Street. Visibility for vehicles entering Balham Road exceeds Queensland requirements in both directions.

Your comments referring to accidents at this intersection, including the recent fatality, have been noted. A review of the official Queensland Government crash history has identified three reported accidents since 2010. All reported accidents were the result of driver behaviour and not related to the configuration of the intersection.

In response to this petition, Council commissioned a traffic survey of the intersection in August 2018. An intersection is required to meet the established thresholds for a minimum of one of three Austroads ‘traffic warrants’ before installation of signals can be considered. Council’s assessment has determined that the intersection of Balham Road and Barton Street meets two of the warrants for signalisation. Accordingly, traffic signals at this intersection will be considered for future funding in Council’s budget against competing citywide priorities.

Your request to reconfigure the traffic lanes has been noted. The current layout of the traffic lanes has been like this since Barton Street was upgraded and connected through from Beatty Road to Ashover Road in 2007. There are no plans to change the layout of this road at this time, as the current markings align with the proposed future planning of the road.

Your request for protective railing on the corners of this intersection has also been noted. It is considered there is insufficient room to install guardrails and the end terminal treatments due to existing driveways. The end terminal treatment is to reduce problems associated with impacting vehicles, such as spearing, vaulting and rollovers. Furthermore, the installation of protective railing at this location would restrict access to existing services for maintenance, renewal or emergency repair. Based on these findings, it is not recommended to install protective railings at this location.

Cutting corners and reckless driving are behavioural issues, which are best handled by enforcement of the Queensland road rules by the Queensland Police Service (Police). Complaints are able to be mitigated by regular enforcement by the Police and they can be contacted via Policelink on 131 444.

Thank you for raising this matter.