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Stop Traffic Lights at Murarrie Road and Wynnum Road

Principal Petitioner Peter Cumming, Wynnum
Date Closed Fri, 10 Aug 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 6 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of The Brisbane City Council to not put traffic lights on the corner of Wynnum Road and Murarrie Road.

Your petitioners therefore request that traffic is left to flow without additional traffic lights within 400m of the Tom Burns Bridge (Gateway entrance and exit). The petitioners believe the traffic lights will cause considerable additional traffic congestion on Wynnum Road.

Council response

Thank you for your petition containing six signatures from residents of Wynnum Manly Ward, requesting Council not install traffic signals at the intersection of Murarrie Road and Wynnum Road, Tingalpa. You have also requested that traffic be left to flow without additional traffic lights within 400 metres of the Tom Burns Bridge (Gateway Motorway entrance and exit).

The Wynnum Road and Murarrie Road intersection upgrade will install new traffic signals to improve access at Murarrie Road, improve safety for all road users travelling through the intersection and maintain traffic as intended in the Brisbane City Plan 2014 (City Plan) road hierarchy.

Wynnum Road and Murarrie Road fulfil important functions in the transport network as they are identified as major roads and primary freight access routes in City Plan. Murarrie Road is classified as a district road and carries approximately 5,900 vehicles per day. Wynnum Road is classified as an arterial road and carries approximately 43,300 vehicles per day.

Traffic analysis indicates that access in and out of Murarrie Road is subject to significant delays due to the high volume of traffic on Wynnum Road. With increasing traffic volumes, these delays will increase and lead to an increasing number of potential crashes, as motorists inappropriately attempt to turn across smaller gaps in traffic on Wynnum Road. These long delays may also lead to undesirable traffic diversion through local streets as motorists seek quicker alternative routes.

According to the Queensland Government’s WebCrash data, between January 2010 and December 2014, six crashes were reported at or near the Wynnum Road and Murarrie Road intersection. Two of these crashes involved vehicles turning right from Wynnum Road colliding with through traffic on Murrarie Road, and one crash involved a vehicle turning right from Murrarie Road colliding with through traffic on Wynnum Road. Five of the crashes required hospitalisation and one crash required medical treatment at the site for the people involved.

Installing traffic signals will formalise and control movements through the intersection and will improve safety for all vehicles. The upgrade will also improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists with the installation of new footpaths, signalised pedestrian crossings on Murarrie Road and Wynnum Road, and dedicated bike lanes on Wynnum Road through the intersection.

As part of the design process, Council undertook a range of investigations, including a road safety audit and traffic modelling, to determine the most appropriate configuration for the Wynnum Road and Murarrie Road intersection. After considering a number of options, it was determined that the signalisation of the intersection is the best solution to improve safety and access, as well as reduce traffic congestion for all road users.

Council provided information about the project to the local community through project introduction letters distributed in November 2017, project newsletters distributed in early August 2018 and start of construction letters distributed on 20 August 2018. Information on the project has also been available on Council’s website at since November 2017.

Construction of the upgrade is intended to continue and works will progress as planned. Construction started in late August 2018 and is expected to take up to six months to complete.

Thank you for raising this matter.